Digication ePortfolios Subscription Ended

Hostos CC has provided students with free access to create your online Digication ePortfolio since 7/1/2009. Unfortunately, Hostos’ subscription ended on 12/22/2022, therefore Digication accounts will no longer be provided free of charge to students and alumni at Hostos CC.

Starting 1/31/2023, upon logging in to Digication, you will be prompted to set up a personal Digication account for $20/year.


Students use e-portfolios to showcase their learning process by reflecting upon assignments and improving their skills by documenting steps or processes using a wide range of artifacts such as text-based assignments, drawings, videos, photos, and audio podcasts.  Digital portfolios provide students with the opportunity to reflect on assignments and this allows them to grow as individuals and improve their learning skills.  To create an ePortfolio using a template watch the the video below.

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