Sample Annotated Bibliography Assignments for English 110

In this post, you’ll find sample annotated bibliography assignments appropriate to the ENG 110 level, as part of the teaching of research skills. Thank you to Professors Heidi Bollinger and Tram Nguyen for sharing these. draft-annotated-bibliography-handout nguyen-101-annotation_assignment bollinger-annotated-bibliography-assignment  


A Possible Developmental English Unit on Education Themes

In this Best Practice post, you’ll find ideas from Professor Craig Bernardini about a developmental writing unit on education, suitable for use in English 93. DevelopmentalUnit

Compare-Contrast Assignment: Eng 242 with possibilities for 110 or 111

Thanks to Professor Craig Bernardini for sharing this compare and contrast assignment, designed for his Writing About Music elective. The Springsteen lesson, he notes, would be adaptable for ENG 110 or 111 as well. ENG 242_Compare_Contrast

Eng 110 Study Guides to Classic Texts: Marx, King, Thoreau

Thanks to Professor Craig Bernardini for this contribution to the TLC, a set of “study guides and classwork for some classic expository writings”: Karl Marx’s “Communist Manifesto,” Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” and Henry David Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience.” MarxStudyGuide StudyGuideMLK ThoreauGroupWork

English 111 Resource: A Take-Home Formal Essay Analyzing Drama

Here is a sample English 111 take-home essay assignment about Lorraine Hansberry’s play,  A Raisin in the Sun. The author of this assignment,  Professor Bollinger, finds that it “works well because it asks students to make predictions based on evidence in the play. This requires deductive reasoning and helps students reflect on the thematic significance of the play’s concluding scene. […]

English 110 Sample In-Class Question with Prep Handout

These documents come courtesy of Professor Bollinger and her English 110 course, which is themed around food.  She has used this in-class writing question on analyzing a print advertisement, and has used the accompanying handout to prepare students for the experience of an in-class writing. Bollinger_InClassQuestionWithPrep

English 110 Resource: Handout on Essay Formatting

Thanks to Professor Heidi Bollinger for providing this best practice handout on essay formatting! Bollinger_EssayFormatHandout  

English 111 Resource: A Study Guide to Arthur Machen’s “The White People”

Thanks to Professor Michael Cisco for providing his study guide to the 1904 short story “The White People.” In Professor Cisco’s words, the story is “a classic weird tale by Arthur Machen.” The text of the tale is available online here and is now also listed on the Texts page of the Teaching Commons. Professor Cisco has used this guide […]

Electives Best Practice: A Chronological Playlist for ENG 242

Below is a chronologically organized list, hyperlinked to clips whenever possible, of music studied in Professor Rounds’s English 242: Writing About Music course in Spring 2014. While the syllabus had grouped musical examples by topic (e.g., pieces with particularly strong sense of pulse, pieces with obvious textural changes, etc.), chronological organization gives a sense of the ultimate range of genres […]

English 110 Best Practices Handbook

Check out the PDF of the English 110 Handbook, a resource developed by Professors Clarence Robertson and Elyse Zucker, with contributions from several other English department faculty members.  You’ll find sample lesson plans, tips on lesson planning, sample final exam readings and tips on grading, and more. English 110 Handbook

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