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Are You Ready?

All Hostos students are enrolled in this Blackboard course. The “Hostos CC – CUNY – Student Online Readiness Course – Are You Ready?” is designed to prepare students for taking an online course.

Bb help for students

Blackboard Help Page

Blackboard help website provides a comprehensive repository of information on how to use each of the learning management system’s tools and features.

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After Hours Blackboard Support


Weeknights 8:00 pm to 8:00 am the next morning
Weekends 8:00 pm Friday to 8:00 am Monday

Zoom Cloud Recordings

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Zoom Cloud Recordings

Hostos Zoom offers users the ability to record meetings and store these recordings on Zoom servers (Also referred to as “Recording in the cloud”). Users need to be mindful of the conditions around the services offered by Zoom. Zoom cloud recordings are periodically deleted by Zoom whenever storage space limits are approached to ensure that there is no disruption in [...]


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The City University of New York is providing Dropbox, Dropbox Paper, and Microsoft Office 365 for Education suite to all active CUNY students, faculty, and administrative staff. 

Blackboard Compatible Devices

Laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile devices

Blackboard Compatible Devices

To be successful in online classes, you need access to a reliable computer (PC, iMac, or Laptop recommended) with audio/video capability (webcam and microphone), a fast and reliable Internet connection, and web browsers and plugins updated.

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