Nearpod enables teachers to use their Tablets to manage content on students’ mobile devices.  It combines presentation, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution.  Many think of it as a replacement for a Smart Room.

Nearpod is a synchronous (instructor conducts a lesson in real-time) solution for the use of mobile devices in the classroom.  To try Nearpod, you will need one Tablet or PC/MAC and at least one other device (tablets, smartphones, Chrome books, PC/MAC), both running Nearpod.  All devices should be connected to the Internet.

To create an account or log in as a teacher, you need to download the Nearpod app on a mobile device, and you can register for a free limited account or come to EdTech to use one of its accounts.

Teachers use Nearpod to share content with their students and to manage the flow of the lecture.  Students use Nearpod on their mobile devices to receive multimedia content and to participate in engaging assessment and collaboration activities.

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