Hostos Digication License Expired

Hostos has provided students with free access to create their online Digication portfolio since 7/1/2009. Unfortunately, Hostos’ subscription ended on 12/22/2022, and therefore Digication accounts will no longer be provided free of charge to students and alumni at Hostos.

The following instructions will show you how you can access and download all your content. And should you wish to continue using Digication after 1/31/2023, you may optionally set up your personal Digication account for $20/year.

Download Your Online Portfolio

Step-by-step instructions on how to download the contents of your ePortfolio(s) are provided on the Digication Support Site.

Set Up Your Personal Digication Account

Starting 1/31/2023, upon logging in to Digication, you will be prompted to set up a personal Digication account for $20/year.


eportfolio on computer screen

ePortfolio Contact

For questions concerning ePortfolios contact

Iber Poma
Room C-559


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