The Office of Educational Technology (EdTech) is pleased to present a series of workshops, both face-to-face and online, with a strong focus on taking full advantage of technology tools and strategies to improve in every area of teaching and learning.

These sessions are centered on experiences acquired through the use of different technologies in the classroom and are geared to provide the pros and cons when used in the educational setting.

Online Teaching Certificate Programs

Roadmap to Teaching Innovation

Roadmap to Teaching Innovation

This course is designed for you, a faculty member who realizes that technology can be of great benefit in fostering student engagement and therefore have a strong desire for greater online presence in your teaching.

Whether it’s to post syllabi and documents online for students, use online assessments in your courses or actually take your teaching online with in a hybrid or asynchronous course, this program provides you with the skills and the tools required to master the pedagogy of the digital environment.

As a Hostos faculty member, you are automatically enrolled in this course.

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Online Learning Initiative

As a participant of the Hostos Community College Online Learning Initiative, you are agreeing to design and implement either a fully or partly online course.

Prerequisites to participating in the Online Learning Initiative (OLI) and becoming certified to teach online at Hostos:

  • You are listed as an instructor in CUNYfirst for a class you would like to turn into an online course for the following semester.
  • Your Department Chair approved converting the course into an online modality.

Methods for Online Teaching

Methods for Online Teaching

This course, as a companion to the Online Learning Initiative training program, goes beyond the basics of implementation and course development. It focuses on strategies that can help you improve the experience for both online learning and course delivery. This will be conducted with emphasis on the Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework to promote important course design strategies
and revisit the roles of instructor, learner, and the learning community.

Prerequisites for enrollment in Methods for Online Teaching (MOT) include:

  • prior certification through the Oline Learning Initiative OLI or the equivalent (SPS).

Smart Classroom Certification

In an effort to maximize the use of technologies available in the Smart classrooms, Hostos has established new policies and guidelines for assigning Smart classrooms. The certification process consists of completing a Smart Room Certification Course on Blackboard offered by EdTech.

  1. Instructor must provide a short description of how the course will utilize the functionality of the smart classroom to help achieve the class objectives.
  2. Instructor should have used Blackboard in the past.
  3. Instructor must answer yes to at least one of the following activities:
    • My course will use online video in the classroom.
    • My course will use PowerPoint to augment teaching.
    • My course will utilize lecture capture.
    • My course will include real-time annotations of presentations.

HyFlex Certification

“A HyFlex course gives students the ability to choose to attend class sessions either face-to-face or online (e.g., synchronous, asynchronous). The number of modalities available to students will vary from course to course. Students can move among available modalities from class session to session at their discretion” – CUNY’s working definition.

The technology used in the Hyflex classroom consists of an OWL video and audio device that is not static but can be controlled for room viewing options. If you have already had virtual meetings or class sessions online remotely with students or peers in meetings and worked any number of video conferencing software like Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, then you already have the necessary skills to navigate a Hyflex ready classroom.

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