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Online learning is adaptable and convenient, with a focus on self-paced learning, increased retention, and expert access. However, some students take longer to adapt to the online format; some may fear technology or not have the right equipment. Others may not feel comfortable with their writing skills or are simply not good with time management.

Learn about the different ways you can take classes online…

If you are thinking about enrolling in an online course, we’ve prepared an online learning readiness self-assessment that will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses in an online learning environment. There are no right or wrong answers in the quiz below. Simply select the answer that best matches how you currently feel about online learning.

I think of myself as someone who:

I am good at setting goals and deadlines for myself.

When it comes to assessing my own progress, I:

When planning my personal and professional schedule, I am a:

My reading and writing skills are:

I have participated in:

Select all that apply. Leave blank answers that are not applicable.

I am comfortable researching information on the Internet.

I have access to:

Select all that apply. Leave blank answers that are not applicable.

Having in-person interaction with my instructors and fellow students is:

My motivation to take an online course is:

Select what best describes you

*By completing this quiz, you acknowledge that you may be contacted by Hostos to provide additional information about our online learning opportunities. Your participation helps us tailor our educational offerings to better suit your needs.

  1. Heidy Cano 11 months ago

    great advise

  2. Ryan Rios 11 months ago

    I am taking Engineering as my major and the reason why is because I was curious and I was watching Engineering related stuff online and it grabbed my attention and I got curious and I wanted to go into engineering.

  3. ALIOU FAYE 11 months ago

    I don’t really like online courses because I’m not very focused. I like to see my professors and my classmates to be able to talk and exchange with them, but also it allows us a lot to be more social. I am someone who always plans things in advance because I like punctuality and I know that time is very precious

  4. Lakeia melvin 11 months ago

    This was very helpful to get to know myself about my learning skills

  5. Kossivi Adjeyi 11 months ago

    Online class is the best fit for me because of adult life planning and organization to adapt to work schedule and high education

  6. Jennifer 10 months ago

    This was very helpful toward me and gave me great advise.

  7. AILENE OSORIO 10 months ago

    Good evening,

    To be sincere, this year I started on the wrong foot for numerous reasons.

    This is my first time taking online classes, and I thought it was as easy as in-person.

    Even if I began on the wrong foot, I rather take online classes, because they fit my busy schedule.

  8. Abel V Collado 10 months ago

    Online instruction is best suitable for me as it always me to have flexibility with my schedule, to have free time for stuff outside of my academics such as helping my family.

  9. Ciara Taveras 10 months ago

    Very helpful, helped me learn more about the type of learner I am.

  10. Tracy Martinez 10 months ago

    In order to be successful with the online class, first, you have to make time for all the reading material, discussions, and assignments. Second, find a quiet place.

  11. mikayla mateo 8 months ago

    makes great sense!

  12. ashley arroyo 6 months ago

    very helpful!

  13. Thierry Sawadogo 6 months ago

    This class is starting on a very high note, I am really looking forward to it at the moment, cheers to everyone.

  14. tashira orosco 6 months ago

    This definitely helps you understand where you’re at and if you are ready for online. I say give it a go!

  15. Adwoa Yeboah 5 months ago


  16. Christopher 5 months ago

    It was interesting.

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