1. What is a hybrid class?
    Hybrid classes meet both online and face-to-face. For a class to be considered hybrid, at least a third of its meetings must take place online. If you are taking a hybrid class, you must attend all face-to-face meetings in addition to completing all online tasks and assignments.
  1. What is an online class?
    Online classes meet only online (although some asynchronous courses might have a face-to-face component).  Asynchronous courses are at least 80% of the class activities will take place online. Students participate in the class, via the Internet, from anywhere and at any time. Students will be expected to complete assignments at a computer and participate in online discussions.
  1. What is the difference between a hybrid class and an online class?
    Hybrid classes have a regular face-to-face component while online classes meet predominantly online-only.
  1. How do I register for a hybrid/online class
    Go to the schedule of classes (link) and search for a class you want to take.
  1. Do I have to contact the instructor to notify him/her about my enrollment in the hybrid/asynchronous course?
    The course instructor will receive a message confirming your registration for the course .  The course instructor will register you as an active student for the hybrid/asynchronous course and the course number and title will appear as an active link in your Blackboard account.
  1. Will I receive a message from the course instructor before the course begins?
    No, students are responsible for accessing the course by  signing in to Blackboard.  Blackboard is available only by logging into a CUNY portal account.
  2. How do I get into Blackboard?
    Visiting the Hostos Blackboard Tutorial (link) website first is highly recommended.

    To access Blackboard, go to the CUNY Portal and enter your CUNY Portal ID and password.

    If you don’t have a CUNY Portal account, click on the  “Create New Account” icon above the right of the CUNY Portal login.

    Students who have an active CUNY Portal but have forgotten your password click “Email New Password” above the log in.

    If you are registered in the CUNY Portal, but DO NOT know your username or password, click “Account and Password Reset” and follow the prompts

    If you still cannot login, get in touch with the:
    Hostos HELP DESK
    Room C595

  3. How do I receive communications from my instructor?
    All email communications from you instructor will be sent to your Hostos email., and only to your Hostos email account.  If you  DO NOT know your username or password, use the Student Email Lookup Tool.  If you do not use your Hostos email, start practicing now.  You should be logging into your Hostos email at least once a day.
  4. Are hybrid/asynchronous classes easier than face-to-face ones?
    Hybrid/online classes are as challenging as face-to-face classes, with one exception. If this is your first hybrid/asynchronous course, then you must transition from the traditional style classroom to a much more independent form of learning and  academic discovery.  In hybrid  and asynchronous courses, you must not only master the course work, but you must manage your time in a much more self-directed way. If you’re not sure about if you’re ready for a hybrid/online class, take the Are You Ready? eLearning Module.
  5. What are the technical requirements to take a hybrid/online class?
    The technical requirements are these:
    Recommended System Requirements

    • Hardware Minimum Requirements
      • 1.5 GHz CPU or greater with minimum of 1GB RAM
      • Network adapter: LAN (Ethernet) or wireless (WiFi)
        • For online exams, ethernet is recommended over wifi.
      • DSL or cable broadband Internet (Dial up not compatible)
        • YOU SHOULD NEVER USE MOBILE connections when taking tests.
      • CD/DVD drive and speakers may be required; refer to course requirements
    • Operating Systems
    • Web Browser
      For the latest information on browsers supported by Blackboard go to
      Link: Browser Support

      • Internet Explorer
        Note: There are some configuration options for Internet Explorer that may make some features of Blackboard Learn difficult to use. To learn more, see the Browser Support Policy and Internet Explorer Security Zones and Compatibility View topics.
      • Safari
        Note: Safari for Windows is an exception. Apple’s continued support for this browser is unclear, and Blackboard does not test it.
      • Chrome DOWNLOAD
      • AOL browser is not supported by Blackboard. However, an AOL connection can be used with one of the supported browsers to access Blackboard.
      • To check if your current browser is ready for Blackboard 9.1, including plug-ins and settings, click on the following link: Browser Compatibility Check
    • Browser Plugins and Players
      A browser plugin is an add-in software component that that adds a specific feature to it.  Many of these  are “players”,  plugins that give the user the ability to use various audio and video filetypes. Your professors may post files that require users to have various players and plugins installed on their computers.  The following are the most commonly required ones:

    • Connection Speed
      • Cable modem – the preferred connection for accessing Blackboard
      • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)
        Especially for online exams it is recommended that the network connection be ethernet rather than wifi.
  6. What do I do if I need help with adaptive technology?
    Contact the Accessibility Resource Center.
  7. What are the minimum computer skills I need to take a hybrid/online class?
    To take a hybrid/asynchronous class, you’ll need to know how to navigate the web, use Blackboard, create word-processed documents, and regularly check and use your Hostos email account. Individual classes might have additional requirements that your professor will explain to you at the start of the semester.
  8.  When do hybrid online/classes start?
    Hybrid/asynchronous classes start on the first day of classes each semester. Even if your class has no face-to-face meetings scheduled, you still need access your syllabus, check what work is due, see if there are any messages from the course instructor, etc.
  9. How do I drop a hybrid/asynchronous class?
    Use the same process as dropping traditional, face-to-face classes. Hybrid/asynchronous classes follow the same drop course deadlines as a face-to-face classes.  You must formally drop a course. You cannot simply stop logging in.

Any course offered at Hostos Community College might feature some online components, so students who are unfamiliar with the CUNY portal, the College’s computer systems, or the Blackboard environment should consider registering for free instructional technology workshops. (link to workshops calendar)

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