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Claiming your Hostos Zoom account

Go to zoom.us Click on Sign In. From the Sign In pop up, click on SSO. From the Sign In with SSO page, in the company domain textbox, enter hostos-cuny-edu and click the Continue button In the Hostos Zoom page Sign In, enter your Hostos email address and password. e.g. jdoe@hostos.cuny.edu Click the Sign In button

How to Export Courses

Export Course creates a package of course content that can later be imported into the same course or a different course. Archive Course creates a permanent record of a course including all the content and user interactions available at the time the Archive is created. Export Common Cartridge creates a package that can be shared across learning management systems. To [...]

How to Archive Courses

Archive Course creates a permanent record of a course including all the content and user interactions available at the time the Archive is created. To Archive a Course In the Control Panel, under Packages and Utilities, click on Export/Archive Course. Archiving a course is similar to Export (see above: How to Export a Course), except that all content is part of the package, as well as records [...]

Grading Turnitin Assignments

You can access submitted assignments through the Grade Center or Needs Grading link. The Feedback Studio uses 2 “layers” – the Grading layer (blue) for marking up and grading content, and the Similarity layer (red) for checking originality. In the Grading layer you can use Quickmarks to mark up a paper by dragging and dropping commonly-used comments, and create custom Quickmarks comments. Text and voice commentary [...]

Editing Assignments

Log in to Blackboard Select your course from the My Courses module (top-left) Make sure the Edit Mode is On Navigate to the course area containing the assignment (e.g. Assignments) Click the Action Link to the right of an assignment’s name to access the contextual menu and select Edit On the Edit Assignment page, make the desired changes When you are satisfied with the changes to the assignment, [...]

Customizing the Grade Center View

Log in to Blackboard Select your course from the My Courses module (top-left) Make sure the Edit Mode is On (top-right) In the Control Panel area click Grade Center, and then select Full Grade Center To hide a column, click on the column dropdown list and select hide column (left of column name) To restore the view of a hidden column, click on Manage at the top of the page and [...]

Adding YouTube Videos

Log in to Blackboard Select your course from the My Courses module (top-left) Make sure the Edit Mode is On (top-right) Select the Content Area where you want to add the video. (e.g. Course Content) On the Action Bar (top-left), point to Build Content to access the drop-down list and under Mashups select YouTube Video. In the Search for a YouTube Video page, type a search criteria. (Optional) Select matching pattern and language in which you [...]

Creating Test Pools of Questions

Log in to Blackboard Select your course from the My Courses module (top-left) Make sure Edit Mode is On (top-right) In the Control Panel area click Course Tools, and then select Tests, Surveys and Pools From the Tests, Surveys and Pools page, click on Pools From the Pools page, click Build Pool. Provide a Name for the pool, a brief description and instructions Click Submit Adding questions to the pool There are three different ways [...]

Creating Tests and Adding Questions

Log in to Blackboard Select your course from the My Courses module (top-left) From the Control Panel, click on Course Tools link, then click on Tests, Surveys and Pools (bottom of Course Tools). From the Tests, Surveys and Pools page, Click on the Tests link. From the Tests page, click on Build Test (top-right). On the Test Information page, provide a name. Optionally, type Instructions and a Description. You can use the Text Editor functions to format the text and include files, images, [...]

Creating Discussion Board Forums

Log in to Blackboard Select your course from the My Courses module (top-left) In the Course menu click Discussions (left-side) On the Discussion Board Page, Click the Create Forum button (top-left) On the Create Forum Page, under Forum Information, enter the Forum name and instructions (optional) Under Forum Availability, set the Availability to Yes and Display Dates (optional) Under Forum Settings, select the appropriate options Click Submit

Sending Emails

Log in to Blackboard Select your course from the My Courses module (top-left) In the Control Panel under Course Tools click the Send Email link (towards the bottom of the list) Select the group you want to send the email to by clicking on the respective link (e.g. All Student Users) Enter the subject and message of your email Attach files by clicking on the Attach a file link (optional) Click Submit

Creating Turnitin Assignments

Turnitin is a third-party anti-plagiarism and originality tool that offers some grading features that SafeAssign does not have.  Turnitin just checks attached file for originality.  Students cannot type directly into a Turnitin assignment link. File formats compatible with Turnitin are: HTML, Hangul Word Processor file (.hwp), Rich text format (.rtf), Plain text (.txt), Microsoft Word® (.doc/.docx), OpenOffice Text (.odt), WordPerfect® (.wpd), [...]

Creating SafeAssignment Assignments

SafeAssign is an anti-plagiarism checking tool incorporated as an option in Blackboard Assignments.  It’s designed to be used to promote originality and to help students identify how to properly attribute sources rather than paraphrase.  SafeAssign is effective as both a deterrent and an educational tool.  SafeAssign compares submitted assignments against a set of sources to identify areas of overlap between the [...]

Creating Assignments

Instructors can create an Assignment in Blackboard as a way for students to submit coursework.  When an Assignment is created, a Grade Column is automatically created for it in the Grade Center.  Students can either type the assignment answers directly into the  Assignment tool text box or attach a document.  Files formats compartible with Assignments are: Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX), [...]

Sending Announcements

Log in to Blackboard Select the course you want to send announcement from the My Courses module (top-left) Make sure the Edit Mode is On (top-right) In the course menu (left panel) or from the Control Panel under Course Tools click the Announcements link Click Create Announcement button from the Announcement page (top-left) Complete the Announcement Information field (provide subject and details) Set up additional information Click Submit

Merging Course Sections

Login to Blackboard In the Blackboard Home page, you will find the Section Merge Tool module, click the Click Here To Create and Manage Merged Courses link To create a new set of merged courses, click on the Setup New Merged Course link (top-left) In the Select Courses To Merge page, select all source courses.  Source courses will be merged into another course. Click Submit From the Select an Existing Course page, [...]

Making a Course Copy

Login to Blackboard Select your course from the My Courses module (top-left) Make sure Edit Mode is On (top-right) On the Control Panel, expand the Packages and Utilities section and select Course Copy Select the appropriate option: Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course In the Destination Course ID field, click Browse to select the destination course. Select all the content you want to copy to from the course you are to the [...]

Using the Attendance Tool

With the Blackboard attendance tool instructors can  mark whether a student is present, late, absent, or excused for each class meeting. The attendance records for each student appear in a single column next to other grades. On the Attendance page, profile pictures appear so instructors can easily identify students. Instructors can use attendance as part of calculating grades in the [...]

Uploading your Syllabus

Login into Blackboard Select the course you want to upload your syllabus to from the My Courses module (top-left) Make sure the Edit Mode is On (top-right) Click on the name of the Content Area in which you wish to add the file (e.g. Course Information or Syllabus) Hover your mouse over the Build Content Action Link button Under the Create section, click on the Item link Complete [...]

Making Courses Available to Students

Login into Blackboard Select the course you want to make available from the My Courses module (top-right) Click on the lock icon that appears at the top-right hand side before the Edit Mode button

The Importance of the Social Variable in Online Learning

by Eric Ritholz As a continuation of the concepts from last month’s article: Building a Sense of Community in the Online Classroom I want to break down social presence into three components.  First off, what is social presence? “Social presence is described as the ability to project one’s self and establish personal and purposeful relationships. The three main aspects of […]

Building a Sense of Community in the Online Classroom

by Eric Ritholz, Online Learning Coordinator at the Office of Educational Technology  The design and delivery of an online class is more than organization, content, and schedules.  The online class (or shell) is an integral hub for developing a sense of community.   In an in-person learning environment, students interact before, during, and after classes.    Recognition and sense of belonging are essential to […]

Spring 2021 EdTech Innovations Newsletter Print Edition

For the PDF version, click on this link: EdTech Innovations Newsletter Spring 2021         Articles Pronunciation Enhanced 2021 Online Learning Plans Virtual Limbo Social Media as a Learning Tool Online Learning DO’s and DONT’s News and Events Virtual Bronx EdTech Showcase 2021 Innovation Chase Panopto Lecture Capture Workshops Blackboard Grade Center Zoom and Collaborate Camtasia, Snagit and […]

Smartphones, WhatsApp, and Audacity: Pronunciation Enhanced

Juan Soto-Franco Intro After teaching EFL (English as a Foreign Language) in the Dominican Republic for more than a dozen years and ESL (English as Second Language) in the United States for more than five years; the researcher realized that most beginner and intermediate students tend to make the same pronunciation mistakes here and there. Part of the mispronounced sounds […]

Online Learning Do’s and Don’ts

by George Rosa The latest version of the CUNY Hostos Student Online Learning Preparedness “Are You Ready?” course has been updated with new content as well as changes to self-assessment questions and feedback.  The focus of the updates is to express to students the reality that anyone can learn in a completely online pedagogical environment using skills that can easily […]

Online Learning Plans

by Eric Ritholz One of the most significant contributing factors to the future of Online Learning at Hostos over 2020 is that we have more feedback and examples of use than ever before to guide in both the development and refinement of training and support. Across the board there is more information on the practice of Online Learning and improvements […]

Virtual Limbo

by Danny Wu Amidst this pandemic, with colleges and universities moving to remote, there has been much frustration voiced by students all over the world over the difficulties of remote learning. “Roughly 20% of students nationwide don’t have access to the technology they need for remote learning” (Hawkins and Hobbs).  Not all students have quality internet access or devices to […]

Social Media as an eLearning Tool in Online Learning

by David dos Santos The current challenges make replacing the interpersonal connections that were fostered through casual pre-class conversations, post class questions and other in-person interaction quite difficult.  The CUNY-provided and CUNY-supported LMS, Blackboard, (insert a comma between these two words) provides a host of tools for Discussion Boards, Blogs, sharing videos, and the like. Sometimes the tools provided by […]

The Online Learning Initiative Course Ongoing and Self-Paced

This fall semester, the Office of Educational Technology is offering a new self-paced Online Learning Initiative that is in place for faculty who did not participate in any of the previous ones or for those who are new to the college this semester. The purpose of this training course is to provide fundamental understanding of teaching in the online modality.  […]

Fall 2020 EdTech Innovations Newsletter Print Edition

For the PDF version, click on this link: EdTech Innovations Newsletter Fall 2020 Articles Reflections on Online Learning Reflection About My Summer Experiences  – Preparing Faculty Members for the 2020 Fall Term How to Present Effectively Online How to Present Effectively Online News and Events Results of EdTech Preparedness Efforts Since the Start of the Pandemic Online Learning Initiative (OLI) […]

Results of EdTech Preparedness Efforts Since the Start of the Pandemic

by Carlos Guevara and George Rosa At the start of the Covid 19 crisis,when CUNY decided to move to all-distance instruction, The Office of Educational Technology, the office responsible for providing support to faculty for distance learning and use of technology in pedagogy, took immediate steps to prepare for this monumental task.  A continuity plan was developed which included continued […]

Reflection About My Summer Experience Preparing Faculty Members for the 2020 Fall Term

by Juan Soto-Franco This experience started in the second week of March when there were rumors that all classes would switch to the online modality.   At that moment, I remember contacting Dr.  Andrea Fabrizio and Mr. Carlos Guevara, English Department Chair and Director of the Educational Technology Department (EdTech), respectively to let them know that I was willing to help […]

Reflections on Online Learning

By Eric Ritholz It has been an intense Summer in terms of training and adapting a vast variety of courses to function in an online environment. Along the way there have been several common denominator issues that should be emphasized. This is not all in the same scope, but they are all important in their own way. These are my […]

How to Present Effectively Online

by David dos Santos Presenting in person is already a daunting task, presenting online presents a whole new set of chal- lenges. With the correct methods and best practices, presenting online can be as effective or even more effective than delivering in person. Whether you are teaching a course or presenting a workshop here are some best practices to keep […]

Remote Educational Technology

by Danny Wu Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, educational technology departments across the world, including our own, have been required to switch our services online. Of course, in the beginning there was much difficulty for staff and faculty to adjust to the new normal and there are still hardships. Some faculty resonate with one-on-one support more than others, and remote work […]

CUNY Technology Services

The following applications and services are provided to students across The City University of New York. CUNY Technology Services

Open Digital Pedagogy @ CUNY

by Laurie Hurson and Krystyna Michael As an instructor, your decisions about technology shape both the material and conceptual aspects of your course. Digital tools can guide how communities develop within your classroom, as well as between your classroom and the world beyond it. When choosing a platform or digital tool, you need to determine what the tool will offer […]

EdTech wins CUNY IT Conference Award

At the 2019 CUNY IT Conference EdTech team members Carlos Guevara, Wilfredo Rodriguez, Catherine Man, Danny Wu and Eric Ritholz (pictured left) received the CUNY Excellence in Technology: Innovation Award. The award for Innovation recognizes a project that is particularly original and/or results in a new way to conduct business.The award was received for the project: A Roadmap to Success […]

Spring 2020 Print Edition

For the PDF version, click on this link: EdTech Innovations Spring 2020 Articles Open Pedagogy at CUNY Backward Course Design Safeguarding Online Assessments Add/Remove students from your Blackboard course News and Events Online Learning Initiative Bronx EdTech Showcase 2020 Roadmap to Teaching Innovation Innovation Celebration OLC Innovate Panopto Lecture Capture EdTech Live Course Template Benefits Inclusion and Accessibility Flip your […]

EdTech Live

EdTech is bringing 30-minute live sessions to Facebook!   Join us for these short sessions covering topics in course design and Blackboard tips. Whether you are exploring more ways to engage students, or preparing for your next online course, you can Facebook chat with us during these sessions and ask your most pressing questions. To register, go to Workshops in […]

Begin at the end and work backwards in course design

by Catherine Man Here’s an idea to switch up the planning for your online course: Backwards Design. This is an approach to instructional design explained in detail by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe in their book, Understanding by Design (UbD). It’s a concept that seems counterintuitive at first because most educators approach the planning process by first designing learning activities […]

How to Add/Remove Students to your Blackboard Course

by David Dos Santos (This article specifically addresses the situation of enrolling a student in a Blackboard course section who has registered late and does not appear in the course roster when the semester begins. Enrolling course observers in the Blackboard course will be covered in another article.) Generally speaking, you should not have to add students who are enrolled […]

Safeguarding Online Assessments

By Danny Wu “Hey, we’re meeting at the library at three o’clock to take the exam together, there’s four of us”, replied a student on the phone.  Minutes later the student and classmates enter a study room at their college’s library to begin taking an online exam together to better their chances of doing well.  Students would confirm answers with […]

Link to article: HOW TO BE A BETTER ONLINE TEACHER Advice Guide by Flower Darby

Link to “How to Be a Better Online Teacher Advice Guide” by Flower Darby. The Chronicle of Higher Education. 2019. “What you will find here is advice on how to make your online pedagogy as effective and satisfying as the in-person version, including: -10 essential principles and practices of better online teaching -Common misperceptions -How to find help

Spring 2019 Print Edition

For the PDF version, click on this link: EdTech Innovations Spring 2019 Articles Gamification in a Blackboard Course Online Students at Hostos VR in Education Independent Learning through Technology   News and Events Bronx EdTech Showcase 2019 Innovation Celebration Bb Upgrade New Bb Attendance Tool Workshops Panopto Accessibility and UDL Smart Classroom Active Learning and Nearpod Flipping the Classroom

Fall 2019 Print Edition

For the PDF version, click on this link: EdTech Innovations Fall 2019 Articles ePortfolio Benefits The YouTube Generation Holistic Technology Rise of the Boot Camps News and Events Developing Educational Technology at an Urban Community College published Bronx EdTech Showcase 2019 Innovation Celebration New Blackboard course structure Workshops Using Blackboard‘s Calendar Accessible Course Course Design Flipping the Classroom  

Can the Cornell Method be reinforced with technology?

by Eric Ritholz Several years ago I started promoting the use of the Cornell Method to students as well as professionals because of its many redeeming qualities. It looks simple, and yet it brings lateral thinking, visual, and kinesthetic factors into the process. If you are not familiar go to this link: http://lsc.cornell.edu/notes.html Cornell Method but simply put: Take notes […]

A New Blackboard Course Structure for Fall 2019 Hostos Courses

Instructors who are teaching courses on Blackboard in the Fall 2019 semester will notice some important changes to the structure of the course template, reflected in the revised navigation menu. At first this change may appear cosmetic, but actually the changes are in response to the structure of Blackboard courses that are considered to be “exemplary” by both Blackboard’s and […]

Just published: Developing Educational Technology at an Urban Community College

We are very excited to share that the book co-authored by our Director, Carlos Guevara, Prof. Kate Wolfe and Prof. Kate Lyons, and with contributions from Prof. Jacqueline DiSanto and several esteemed faculty and members of the EdTech team was published on August 16, 2019. “The Development of Educational Technology at an Urban Community College” is the result of ten […]

What the YouTube Generation can teach us

by Catherine Man It is a perennial problem to solve for teachers everywhere: How do I adapt my methods for each group I teach? Every group or class is different. The nuances of the problem become more complex when variables such as age, ability range, and current culture are factored in. Even for professors who teach the same age range […]

Holistic Technology

by Eric Ritholz Why is it that sometimes, even though you have found the right exercise to illustrate a point in your lessons, it doesn’t hit the mark and result in that moment of discovery from a student that we are looking for? Even an activity that has been successful in previous semesters can have unpredictable results. In some cases […]

Rise of the Boot Camps

By Danny Wu “Congratulations, [generic boot camp campany] Class of 2019, we wish you the best of luck in your feature endeavors” said the CEO of a tech boot camp where 30 students have just received their software engineering certifications. More and more we are seeing the growing trend of people enrolling into boot camps to gain the skills necessary […]

Bronx EdTech Showcase 2019

The 2019 Bronx EdTech Showcase at Lehman College has come and gone, but you can still take advantage of its offerings online, by visiting the Bronx EdTech Showcase website (https://commons.hostos.cuny.edu/bronxedtech/) and see and hear the presentations by the innovators and keynote speeches.          

DIY Science and Laboratory for Online Science Courses

by George Rosa A question always arises when consideration is given to developing fully online biology courses: what about the laboratory portion? Science laboratory is a unique and essential learning experience in any serious science course. Concepts covered in the lecture portion are applied in a hands-on approach involving seeing and manipulating real objects. Methods of scientific observation and experimentation […]

ePortfolio Benefits

by David Dos Santos Using ePortfolios in your course properly has the potential to bring your course to the next level, into the 21st century where learning and professional development are done online. An ePortfolio is an electronic multimedia collection of evidence as digital artifacts that illustrate one’s learning journey over time. Portfolios may represent a learning journey in a […]

Online Students @ Hostos

by Catherine Man Without the comfort of being able to interact face to face with students in a classroom, it takes more time for participants in an online course to learn about each other. Faculty leading online courses have little sense of who the students are until they start submitting course work or unless they willingly disclose aspects of themselves. […]

Promoting Independent Learning Through Technology

by David Dos Santos Now more than ever technological advances such as high speed internet and highly capable mobile devices gives students and learners of all types the ability to learn more independently. As an example, consider the ease of scalability and increasing autonomy of the typical well-designed online course. The ultimate goal of self-directed learning is to maintain student […]

Blackboard Attendance Tool

Note: Before incorporating this new Blackboard feature into your course practices and grading, please review the Hostos Attendance Policy on the Hostos Community College website by clicking on the following link: Hostos Attendance Policy Also consult your department policies as stated in department course syllabi. With the Blackboard attendance tool instructors can  mark whether a student is present, late, absent, […]

Goggles On! VR in Education

by Danny Wu “Alright class, strap on your goggles, today we are diving into the small intestine to prepare for next week’s exam”, stated the professor. In an instant everyone had their VR goggles on and were cruising through a river of proteins, fats, and enzymes. The nutrients are slowly being absorbed through the walls as if it was a […]


by George Rosa The 2018 Fall Blackboard upgrade was completed on Friday, Dec. 28, 2018. This maintenance upgrade introduced some new features for faculty and students. A New look Blackboard now has a new look whose style matches more closely with Blackboard Ultra, the advanced version of Blackboard that could eventually replace our current version, Blackboard Learn. Locations of tool […]

Exerpts from ONLINE LEARNING WITH IN-PERSON TECHNOLOGY By Prof. Maura A. Smale, Prof. Mariana Regalado, Prof. Jean Amaral Commentary specific to Hostos Community College provided by Eric Ritholz

By Eric Ritholz Please view the FULL VERSION here: https://academicworks.cuny.edu/ny_pubs/263/ It includes greater detail, explanation, and examples from both CUNY students and faculty. This was a qualitative study to explore the experiences of CUNY students and faculty using technology in online and hybrid courses. Summary of findings and recommendations • CUNY students and faculty use myriad technologies intentionally and creatively […]

Gamification of an Online Course

by George Rosa One of the advantages of having an online component in a course is the ease to which gamifying strategies can be used to motivate learning of challenging course content and guide students through the syllabus. Gamification has been defined as “application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.” Used in businesses as a motivator to […]

Can the Cornell Method be reinforced with technology?

by Eric Ritholz Several years ago I started promoting the use of the Cornell Method to students as well as professionals because of its many redeeming qualities. It looks simple, and yet it brings lateral thinking, visual, and kinesthetic factors into the process. If you are not familiar go to this link: http://lsc.cornell.edu/notes.html Simply put: Take notes (in your preferred […]

Cultivating a safe, social learning environment online

by Catherine Man When students consider the choice between an online course and a class on campus, they typically think of social atmosphere first. Often students report that what they miss the most about being in a classroom is being able to interact with educators and classmates in person. Research has repeatedly shown that when students feel connected to their […]

Accessible Education Laws

by David dos Santos By law, anything posted on a website or other electronic form by an educational institution in the United States must be made reasonably accessible for people who may have disabilities. Directly from the U.S Department of Education Office of the CIO is the following: The Department of Education considers accessibility to information a priority for all […]

LibGuides –

by Linda Miles There’s a new way to get information and guidance from the Hostos Library to your students—right where and when they need it: in Blackboard. During the past several years, Hostos Librarians have set up numerous online guides on a platform called “LibGuides.” These guides are usually tailored to a specific discipline, class, or even to a specific […]

Roadmap to Teaching Innovation

by George Rosa The Office of Educational Technology (EdTech) has unveiled an online course in Blackboard available to all faculty beginning Fall semester 2018. When instructors go into Blackboard and look under the “My Courses” module they will see a course named Roadmap to Teaching Innovation”.  They may need to scroll down to see it since faculty are enrolled in […]

TWINE – using non-linear storytelling in your pedagogy

by Kate Lyons and Karin Lundberg Twine (http://twinery.org/) describes itself as “an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.” It is similar to the print-based, “Choose Your Own Adventure Series” (https://www.cyoa.com/). A user playing a Twine game reads a passage and then makes a choice about how the story will continue, by clicking on a link. Twine is a powerful […]

Checklist for Online Teaching

by David Dos Santos One of the most common misconceptions for first time students taking an online course is that it is easier and requires less time. The reality is that the only time saved is the commuting time as students should be prepared to spend the same time and effort on an online class as an in person class. […]

Using Mobile Technology in the Anatomy and Physiology Lab

by Zvi Ostrin and Vyacheslav Dushenkov Mobile devices offer many pedagogical opportunities—especially easy access to textual information and visual resources, three-dimensional representation of anatomical structures, as well as the ability to study dynamic processes—powerful capabilities that traditional textbooks cannot match. In light of these advantages we designed a one-semester study, which was funded by a C3IRG grant, to evaluate the […]

New, Innovative Blackboard Features

by George Rosa Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters have brought some innovative changes to Blackboard that faculty, as well as students will find useful. One change makes it easier to access tools that expand the possibilities for bringing dynamic, media-driven collaboration to classroom and online pedagogy, increasing student engagement. The Collaboration Link In the orange Navigation Menu on the […]

Bronx EdTech Showcase 2018

The Bronx CUNY EdTech Showcase, held annually in late April or May, promotes and highlights the innovative uses of technology that have the potential to reach new levels of student engagement leading to improved performance. The three Bronx City University of New York (CUNY) colleges (Lehman, Bronx CC, and Hostos CC) see this event as a great opportunity for networking, […]

Strategies for Building Media Literacy in the Classroom

by Lisa Tappeiner Today, it is difficult for many readers of online information to distinguish scientific evidence, serious journalism, or informed opinion from publications with the sole purpose of supporting a political point of view and encouraging inflammatory reactions. All kinds of information, both facts and alternative facts, appear on professional-looking websites with catchy graphics and attention-grabbing headlines. Moreover, in […]

Celebration of Innovation! Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Spring 2017 Celebration of Innovation was one of the biggest and best ever. A large gathering of faculty and admnistrators came to see and hear presentations on the latest teaching/learning innovations, congratulate faculty for participation in EdTech initiatives and innovation accomplishments, and try out the latest technologies. A special moment during the event came when Dr. Loreto Porte of […]

EdTech Accepts Blackboard’s Catalyst Award at the BbWorld Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Hostos EdTech was recognized by Blackboard, Inc. for the development of the “Are You Ready” online learning readiness course. Blackboard’s Catalyst Award for Optimizing Student Experience, described as an award that “honors those institutions whose educational and administrative innovations have markedly improved the total learner experience” was presented to Carlos Guevara, the Director of EdTech, George Rosa, Senior Instructional Designer […]

News and Notes

The New CUNY Login for Blackboard Starting July 3, 2017, CUNY CIS began the long-awaited move towards the single sign-on to the CUNY Online environment by implementing the CUNY Login for Blackboard. Now, instead of logging into Blackboard using the CUNY Portal Usename and Password, you login using your CUNYfirst username and password. The format of the username is (if […]

EdTech on a Friday Morning

by Julie Trachman In AY 2016-2017, the Hostos CTL and EdTech areas combined forces to offer workshop series devoted to helping us faculty learn more about how Blackboard and other educational technologies can enhance our interactions with students. I attended two of these series conveniently set for Friday mornings. One series was organized by George Rosa and the second by […]

Student Engagement

by Wilfredo Rodríguez Student Engagement is a very popular concept in Higher Education. It refers to the amount and quality of time students spend with the content which extends beyond the classroom. It also involves the relationship between faculty and students, students with other students, the community involvement and the university or colleges as a whole. The more exposure students […]


by David dos Santos Electronic portfolios or ePortfolios have become an indispensable tool to facilitate student learning and assessment. An ePortfolio is an electronic multimedia collection of evidence as digital artifacts that illustrate one’s learning journey over time. Portfolios may represent a learning journey in a course, academic program, or professional career. ePortfolios are descended from the traditional paper and […]

Making your course an Award Winner!

by George Rosa This June, Blackboard Inc. awarded Hostos EdTech its Catalyst Award in the category of “Optimizing Student Engagement” for the creation and implementation of the “Are You Ready” course. Carlos Guevara, David Dos Santos and the author are scheduled to receive the award at this year’s BlackboardWorld conference in New Orleans. As has been covered in other issues […]

News and Notes

CUNYFirst Sign-On to Blackboard CUNY is taking a bigger step towards the holy grail of the CUNY digital community – the single sign-on – with the switchover to signing on to Blackboard using your CUNYFirst ID, beginning in July 2017.  It won’t be a true single sign-on, the Blackboard and CUNYFirst systems will remain separate.  But the primary User ID […]

EdTech Project Awarded CUNY’s Excellence in Technology Award by George Rosa

    Hostos EdTech was recognized by CUNY for the development of the “Are You Ready” online learning readiness course.  CUNY’s Excellence in Technology Award, described as an award “to recognize the outstanding IT  project that provides benefits to students, faculty and/or staff at a college or at CUNY” was presented to Carlos Guevara, the Director of EdTech, and George […]

ETLC’s Coffee & Pi Conversation by ETLC

ETLC (EdTech Leadership Council) meets twice each month on Thursdays at 2pm. We work on a number of tasks. We review the new course shells developed by faculty members who are part of the Online Teaching Initiative. We also judge the students’ ePortfolio competition, and we advocate for our departments’’ technology needs, at the Tech Fee meetings. Sometimes we also […]

Collaborate Ultra and other Blackboard changes by George Rosa

The last week of December is the time when CUNY Blackboard receives its major annual upgrade, which often consists of adding new tools and features, and this one was no different.  Among the changes is a new version of Collaborate (Collaborate Ultra) that makes live video streaming online user friendly, convenient and therefore accessible for faculty and student and can […]

The “Are You Ready” Online Learning Preparedness Course by Carlos Guevara

In response to an increased usage of both the course management system Blackboard and the subsequent development of courses in online modalities, the Office of Educational Technology (EdTech) has developed the “Are You Ready?” course. The course, which resides in Blackboard, is designed to better prepare students in both how online learning works, and what to expect in an online […]

Teaching with Technology by Amy Ramson, George Rosa

I have created courses in the hybrid or fully online mode since the College began its first initiative in instructional technology more than 15 years ago. I am a strong proponent of instructional technology because of its abundant benefits for student engagement and learning. But I have also found that it provides unexpected benefits to me as well. It reinvigorated […]

The Power of Story by Aaron Davis

Digital Storytelling works as an effective strategy for learning in the arts, sciences, humanities and social sciences. It adds a level of reflection that asks students to become aware of what they have learned, what they know, and what they think they know. Through effective digital storytelling projects, students may challenge and question fundamental assumptions of material being taught. The […]

Turnitin Building Block in Blackboard

It’s been many years since Hostos had a site license for Turnitin, the premiere online plagiarism-checking application,  giving faculty free access to its services, and many faculty have been urgently waiting for it’s return.  Instructors could always purchase their own account, at their own expense  But at long last, Turnitin returns to Hostos, and all of CUNY, as a building […]

Is it time to switch from Blackboard? Join the conversation! by George Rosa

Last semester’s Blackboard outtages has increased talk among Blackboard users, Bb campus administrators and even among senior administrators at CUNY CIS and  CUNY educational technology leaders about the possibility of changing CUNY’s relationship with Blackboard as its main Learning Management System (LMS). CUNY’s Blackboard contract ends next year,  and suggestions are being made that, at the least, CUNY leverage its […]

Survey of Bilinguals in NYC with Google Docs by Sue Dicker and Francisco Ordonez

Dr. Sue Dicker has been working on a project for three years; she is interested in documenting how New Yorkers who speak two languages—English and a native or heritage language—make use of these languages in their daily lives. Together with me (Francisco), she created an on-line survey. The first part of the survey asks participants to indicate how often they […]

The “Are You Ready” online readiness assessment course by Aaron Davis

At Hostos Community College there has been an emergence of courses offered in both the hybrid (partially online) and asynchronous (fully online) modalities. Online learning offers students the flexibility of self-paced learning on their own time, in many instances from the comfort of their own home. Synchronous courses (face-to-face), while still an important component of higher education, can deter adult […]

The 2015 Teaching With Technology Survey by Kate Lyons

In December 2015 the Office of Educational Technology with the EdTech Leadership Council emailed all faculty a link to a survey about their experiences teaching with technology. 114 faculty members responded to the survey. The respondents’ represented the following departments: Language & Cognition (6 respondents- 5%) Library (6 respondents- 5%) Allied Health (9 respondents- 8%) Education (9 respondents- 8%) Business […]

Panopto at Hostos: lecture capture/videomaker/webcaster/media file storage for all by George Rosa

For years EdTech has provided support for faculty who use video recording of their lessons, specifically what is known as “lecture capture”, in their teaching.  Two platforms have been used for this: Tegrity and Camtasia, each with its advantages and disadvantages.  This year a new, powerful, easy-to-use and easily accessible video and lecture capture application arrived at Hostos that is […]

2015 Bronx EdTech Showcase by Kate Lyons

Hostos Community College hosted the 3rd Annual Bronx EdTech showcase on Friday May 8th. The showcase, which was honored with an Outstanding Project Collaboration award at the 2014 CUNY IT Conference, promotes and highlights the innovative uses of technology that have the potential to reach new levels of student engagement, leading to improved performance.       The theme for […]

Academic Works update

Have you published an article that you would love to share with a wider audience? Are you an artist who would like to share images of your work with other artists and academics? Are you looking for archival materials? Are you wondering what scholarship your CUNY colleagues are producing? The Office of Librarian Services (OLS) and the CUNY-Wide Committee on […]

Wearable Devices- distractions or tomorrow’s fundamental learning tools? by Kate Lyons

Last Fall semester the EdTech office hosted a very well-attended Brown Bag discussion about allowing students to use devices, like cell phones and tablets, in the classroom.  Some faculty members debated that they were mere distractions, adding nothing to learning and taking students’ attention away from the class. Others reported integrating the devices into their classes, suggesting moments when students […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Smartphones in Higher Education by Wilfredo Rodríguez

In general, Technology has made its way into higher education with the purpose of enhancing the teaching and learning experience for students and faculty as well.  Some technologies have been adopted faster than other and some other have failed and never made it to colleges and universities.  Among those that were quickly implemented are mobile devices.  However, there are many […]

iPads in the Classroom: Survey Results by Iber Poma

Faculty have been using iPads in the classroom for the last three semesters. Only after they have gone through a pilot initiative in which Faculty from almost all departments had the opportunity to explore and select apps that will potentially help them integrate iPads into their curricula. Some faculty have used them in every class, others have used them sparingly. […]

Leveraging Student Consumption of Media with Scribe Videos by Aaron Davis

Online scribe videos have become the standard for quick delivery of content in educational media

Determining Course Size by George Rosa

In the course’s Control Panel, go to Packages and Utilities > Export/Archive Course Click on either the Export Package or the Archive Course button on the top left Under File Attachments, next to Course Files Default Directory click the button for Copy links and include copies of the files in the course default directory. Then, next to Files Outside of […]

Reducing your Blackboard Course Size by George Rosa

If you try to upload or insert content into a current, or future, course section that brings its size to greater than 750 MB, or if you do a course copy where the source course is greater than 750 MB, the process will be stopped and a message alerting you to this fact will appear.

Online Learning Initiative 2015-2016

Information regarding the Online Learning Initiative has been updated. Check out the Online Learning Initiative Page for more details.

Getting Faculty Excited about the new CUNY Institutional Repository

On March 12th Megan Wacha, Scholarly Communication Librarian from CUNY’s Office of Library Services, facilitated a conversation about CUNY’s new institutional repository. The open access repository will preserve, showcase, and facilitate access to our campus community’s works, which can include articles, dissertations, data sets, conference presentations and much more. We talked about how our Hostos community can be part of […]

The Teaching Programming Skills in pre-k by Kate Lyons

Last month I handed my 5-year old a brightly colored robot for kids (created by Make Wonder– https://www.makewonder.com)

Assistive devices: technology for students with disabilities

On February 5th, 2015, the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) presented the different tools and resources available to assist students with disabilities.  They also demonstrated the process on how students can get help from the ARC and the different technologies they have available.  The presentation was led by Raymond Perez, Student Disability Services Manager.  For additional information, please visit their website: […]

Creating Interactive lessons with Nearpod by Iber Poma

Nearpod is a cross-platform application and an all-in-one solution for the synchronized use of mobile devices in the classroom.

Universal Design in Online Teaching by Wilfredo Rodriguez

Despite the great technological advancements in many areas, especially in education, there stll are areas for improvements. Specifically in online learning there is a lot to enhance the way content is created and delivered to students in the different Learning Management Systems. This is when Universal Design (UD) concepts and principles can be applied in education to provide more accessibility […]

Blackboard’s Latest Updates for Spring 2015 by George Rosa

Spring 2015 is seeing some new and very important updates to the CUNY Blackboard environment. Student Preview The Student Preview is one of the most useful additions  to the Blackboard toolkit to come along in a long time.   The new Student Preview button allows you to see the course as the student is seeing it at that moment.  It […]

Blackboard's Latest Updates for Spring 2015 by George Rosa

Spring 2015 is seeing some new and very important updates to the CUNY Blackboard environment. Student Preview The Student Preview is one of the most useful additions  to the Blackboard toolkit to come along in a long time.   The new Student Preview button allows you to see the course as the student is seeing it at that moment.  It […]

Connecting in a real-life way with your students in the fully online environment

On Thursday at 2pm in C-559, Fabian Wander will facilitate a discussion/ demo about technology for students with disabilities. As use technology in our classrooms and as we develop our online courses, we must be cognizant of everyone we’re teaching. Also, in regular face-to-face classes, there are so many options to facilitate learning for everyone. Please come to this discussion—it’s […]

Should your students be allowed to use their phones and tablets in your classroom?

On October 30th, our tables and chairs in the EdTech Commons (C-559) overflowed with faculty members debating the question, “Should students be allowed to use their phones and tablets in their classrooms?” Responses depended on what students were doing with the devices. Some faculty members recounted stories of students using their devices to augment their learning experiences—to follow along with […]

What can I do to reduce cheating when students are taking exams online?

Our first brown bag discussion of the semester (October 9th, 2014) was devoted to the topic of cheating in the online environment, and it was a resounding success. Here are some highlights and conclusions: We talked about how the challenges of cheating are faced in both traditional and online courses (e.g. bringing notes, pages, using mobile devices, copying from a […]

Lisa Tappeiner, Interim ETLC Chairperson, Spring 2014

In Spring 2014, Lisa Tappeiner from Library served as Interim Chairperson of the ETLC, stepping in temporarily for Kate Lyons, who was on maternity leave.  In that position,  Lisa helped plan the Bronx EdTech Showcase, the Spring ‘14 Celebration of Technology, and provided leadership with all the initiatives sponsored by EdTech, as well as proofread and edited this newsletter.  We […]

Academic Dishonesty in Online Learning

by Wilfredo Rodríguez

The Tegrity/Blackboard Pilot Project

by Francisco Ordóñez

Hostos’s iPAD Pilot Initiative

by Iber Poma

Bronx EdTech Showcase 2014

by Lisa Tappeiner

Blackboard’s Content Management System

by George Rosa

Blackboard's Content Management System

by George Rosa

ADAPTIVE LEARNING: What is it; how does it work?

by Wilfredo Rodriguez

EdTech Innovator Chase

by Carlos Guevara Technology adoption in the education landscape could become challenging and hard to keep up with due to constant emerging technology trends.  As The Educause Learning Initiative and New Media Consortium point out on the 2013 Horizon Project report, digital media literacy’s importance will continue to rise in every discipline and profession; hence the need to focus on […]

CUNY CAT – Committee on Academic Technology

by Kate Lyons As the Faculty Liaison to the Office of Educational Technology, membership on the CUNY-wide Committee on Academic Technology (CAT) is one of my responsibilities. Carlos Guevara and I attend monthly meetings of the committee, which is chaired by George Otte, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at CUNY’s School of Professional Studies (he regularly blogs at http://purelyreactive.commons.gc.cuny.edu). CAT […]

Recording your lectures with Tegrity

by Iber Poma Tegrity is a fully automated lecture capture solution used in traditional, hybrid, ‘flipped classes” and online courses to record lessons, lectures, and skills. Its whole range of features and robustness makes study time easier and allows content access to every Hostos student almost immediately. It is an easy to use solution, whenever you want to share your […]

Blackboard Enhanced – What’s New?

by George Rosa The Spring 2014 semester sees some big changes to Blackboard 9.1.  The changes, brought by the installation of Service Pack 13, or known at CUNY as “Blackboard Enhanced,”   includes a new look  and some major new features that improve navigation, assessment options,  grading workflow and other functionality for faculty. EdTech has scheduled workshops to introduce faculty […]

Blackboard Enhanced – What's New?

by George Rosa The Spring 2014 semester sees some big changes to Blackboard 9.1.  The changes, brought by the installation of Service Pack 13, or known at CUNY as “Blackboard Enhanced,”   includes a new look  and some major new features that improve navigation, assessment options,  grading workflow and other functionality for faculty. EdTech has scheduled workshops to introduce faculty […]

Sharing Technology the Smart Way

by Francisco Ordóñez Before technology was introduced into the classroom communication between instructors and students was done face-to-face.  If a student missed class one day, he or she would get the notes or materials from a classmate. There was no other way to find out what was going on.  However, technology as a communication tool has revolutionized and created new ways […]

EdTech at the Conferences

by Kate Lyons During the Spring 2013 semester Hostos College faculty and staff actively presented about their work integrating technology into their teaching. Over 20 Hostos faculty and staff members presented on a variety of topics, including two of EdTech’s pilots—the iPad pilot and the Hybrid Initiative, at the Bronx EdTech Showcase in May, at Lehman College (for more information, […]

Using Technology for Communication in the Classroom

by Wilfredo Rodríguez Before technology was introduced into the classroom communication between instructors and students was done face-to-face. If a student missed class one day, he or she would get the notes or materials from a classmate. There was no other way to find out what was going on. However, technology as a communication tool has revolutionized and created new ways […]

Apps in Education

by Iber Poma Any technology tool that helps the transition of knowledge to happen is embraced by its simplicity and geared towards the cyclical goal of teaching and learning. IPads, iPods and iPhones are devices which can allow you to achieve almost any idea you may have in terms of technology. You may certainly watch videos, listen to music, play […]

Celebration of Technology!

by Kate Lyons Being one of the first to try a new technology often means taking a risk. The first ones to try a new teaching practice aren’t basing their experiences on already established best-practices. They’re the ones taking the first stabs at developing new practices or re-imagining an idea. At Hostos, we took a moment to celebrate the faculty […]

Backup and Archive your Blackboard Courses

by George Rosa As a campus Blackboard administrator I am occasionally asked by instructors to recover old Blackboard course sections that have disappeared from their “My Courses” due to the CUNY CIS-managed process of purging and archiving old courses.  CUNY usually sets a date for when a semester’s courses are archived, and when that date arrives the courses are no […]

IPad Pilot Initiative: Exploring Ways To Increase Engagement

by Carlos Guevara Two cohorts  totalling 46 faculty members have participated in the iPad Pilot Initiative since it was launched in Fall 2012. This initiative provided Faculty an opportunity to: Research what advantages and disadvantages iPads offer to teaching and learning Identify what apps are available in their field, and how using them in the classroom will impact the teaching […]


by Iber Poma Technologists have a predilection to use acronyms for everything in the Computer World and the acronym MOOC is not the exception. MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. It is an online course intended for extensive participation and open access via the Internet. Above all, these courses are free to enroll. MOOCs are a recent development in […]

Hostos Social Network (HSN)

by Francisco Ordóñez One of the best features of the Hostos Social Network (HSN) is that it allows its members to create and update blogs. All they need is internet access and to navigate to the following address: https://commons.hostos.cuny.edu/ What is a blog on HSN? The word “blog” is a blend of the terms web and log, leading to web […]

Hybrid Initiative Update

by Kate Lyons The Hybrid Initiative, an annual incentive-based project which began in 2007 to encourage faculty to develop and teach hybrid courses, continued in the Fall 2012 with a new cohort of participants. The mentor/mentee model of support for developers continued, though mentors were paired with two mentees rather than one (and received an increased financial incentive as a […]

The New Interactive Blackboard Tools

by George Rosa One of the best new features of Blackboard 9.1 is Collaborate, Blackboard’s web conferencing application specifically designed for an eLearning environment. With Collaborate you create virtual classrooms and meeting spaces, where you can share meetings, lectures, presentations, seminars and other events in real time. Anyone who is an instructor of a course can use Collaborate as part […]

Natural Disasters in NYC – Establishing academic continuity in the New Normal

by Carlos Guevara In the past two years, New York has been affected by a tropical storm and a hurricane, and according to weather experts it is highly probable to experience more disasters like Hurricane Sandy in the future. Given the severity of the last hurricane, and the impact on every aspect of our lives, many questions arise about how […]

Gamification in Education Is Here to Stay

by Carlos Guevara This buzzword appeared in 2004, but became popular in 2010 especially due to the proliferation of online games and virtual worlds.  Most of the discussion about gamification centers the business industry and very little attention has been paid to the education field. So, what is Gamification? “Gamification is the infusion of game mechanics, game design techniques, and/or […]

Finding Student Support for Blackboard 9.1

by George Rosa This is the BIG question: If you are using Blackboard in your course and a student is having a problem with it, who should they see first for help? The answer: you,the instructor, followed by the Student Help Desk, Room C595! From my experience as both a Blackboard facilitator and a Hybrid course instructor, I realize that […]

Web-based Dynamic Presentation Software

by Iber Poma While attending a conference presentation, I expected the presenter to use Microsoft PowerPoint (most widely used presentation software) to conduct his presentation, but I was pleasantly mesmerized when the presenter instead used a web based presentation software known as Prezi to deliver his content. After the conference was over I was curious about the details of this […]

The Benefits and Challenges of Mobile Learning

by Wilfredo Rodriguez Nowadays millions of people use different technologies for different reasons and purposes.  And this number keeps increasing every day worldwide.  Among these technologies are mobile devices, which are used by all age groups from toddlers to senior citizens.  They use mobile technology to communicate with their loved ones, friends, work, and for educational purposes as well.  In […]

IPads in Education

by Francisco Ordonez The iPad is a tablet computer designed and marketed by Apple Inc. The iPad went on sale in the United States in April 2010. According to a Google/Ipsos study, tablet penetration among U.S. household had hit 11 percent in just 18 short months and Apple sold sixty million IPad worldwide (source Apple 2012 ). The iPad’s software […]

Carlos Guevara Appointed Director of EdTech

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Carlos Guevara as the new Director of EdTech.  Mr. Guevara has been part of EdTech (formerly OIT) since its creation in 2002 as a Multimedia Specialist, and Coordinator. His dedication to education and technology, and experience in the field have led him to engage in new challenges, and as Director of […]

Blackboard Breakfast

The first of many Blackboard Drives to promote the use of Blackboard and all the benefits it provides was held at 9:00 to 11:30 am. on September 11.  During the  Blackboard Breakfast, faculty had an opportunity to make your course available (if not done yet), and upload their syllabi. This was a great success, and more are planned.

The Hostos Hybrid Institute

by Kate Lyons In the fall 2011 semester EdTech began a new initiative to work with faculty to develop and offer more hybrid courses. Dubbed the “Hybrid Institute” after an earlier attempt at a similar incentive-based initiative, this new program is centered on a mentoring relationship. During the fall semester five faculty new to teaching hybrid courses were paired with […]

Educational Technology Design Interns

by Carlos Guevara In the fall of 2009, the Office of Educational Technology (EdTech) started to train select students to serve as EdTech design consultants on campus. These students not only help their peers navigate the technological innovations in courses and programs at Hostos, but also help EdTech expand its reach to faculty, so that additional technological enhancements can be […]

What is Lecture Capture?

by Gloria Lee Today’s students are growing up in a world that is very much integrated with the internet and the World Wide Web. They arrive already accustomed to the wealth of rich media content available to them on Web 2.0. Thus, lecture capturing, the audio and video recording of lecture for online viewing, is essential for educational institutions like […]

E-Portfolios at Hostos

by Sandy Figueroa and Francisco Ordóñez E-Portfolios at Hostos are used to create a new dynamic, begin a process of reflection, and to empower students to see their learning as part of a continuum rather than isolated fragments of attaining information. Implementation of e-Portfolio began at Hostos in fall 2011. The student embarks on the e-Portfolio journey in the first semester […]


by Iber Poma SMART Boards often called Electronic interactive whiteboards have arrived at Hostos Community College. SMART classrooms are being constructed in the college at a steady pace. All classrooms in the renovated B building 5th floor will feature an interactive SMART Board. Currently, available SMART Board classrooms are located in the C building. You may reserve one using our reservation […]

eBooks at Hostos

I’ve been reading eBooks on iPad for almost a year, and I really love it. I think the very best part is that I don’t need a light to read at night in the dark (thumbs up for the back-lit screen). And now, Hostos Library’s ebook vendor, ebrary, offers the option to download eBooks. Once you download an entire eBook, […]

The “Technology Edition” of the Humanities Department Meeting

As the representative from the Humanities Department on the EdTech Leadership Committee, I was thrilled when our chair, Carlos Sanabria, agreed to relocate our department meeting to EdTech for a “Technology Edition” of the meeting. What is the “Technology Edition”, you might ask? It is a time to share what resources EdTech has to offer the Humanities Department and an […]

The "Technology Edition" of the Humanities Department Meeting

As the representative from the Humanities Department on the EdTech Leadership Committee, I was thrilled when our chair, Carlos Sanabria, agreed to relocate our department meeting to EdTech for a “Technology Edition” of the meeting. What is the “Technology Edition”, you might ask? It is a time to share what resources EdTech has to offer the Humanities Department and an […]

OpenClass: A free LMS powered by Pearson and Google

Last month (Oct. 13th), Pearson launched OpenClass, a free and full featured Learning Management System.  The great thing about it is that it is fully integrated with Google Apps, and it is free for Google App Education Edition.  This means that it is free for all educational institutions.  Instructors & students can access their courses from their familiar gmail page, […]

NotesPlus for Note-taking on the iPad

I have had my iPad since April of this year and it has changed my life in many ways. It has lightened the load that I carry back and forth to work every day and also made easier the rather intense (sometimes) schedule of committee meetings one can end up attending on a weekly basis. In particular, I have enjoyed […]

Evernote: A Great Notetaking Resource in the Cloud

Evernote is a free note-taking application that keeps your data in the “cloud”.  What does this mean for you? It means that you can easily access your data from any computer or device with an internet connection. I use Evernote for research, for to do lists, for class development, and even for planning the week’s dinners. You can use a […]

Digital Literacies for Writing

It’s baffling to think that we could be preparing students for jobs that do not yet exist. John Jones shares his thoughts on how we should address this phenomenon on DML Central’s blog post, “Digital Literacies for Writing in Social Media”. Check it out if you’re interested in technology, social media, or how either of these things can connect with […]

Online testing

I just imported my first Bb exam and I cant believe how easy the process was. I plan on using the computer on wheels program and have the students complete the exam in class. The use of technology in on the rise and it is our responsibility to keep up with it and expose our students to it. The National […]

Teaching online is not that different….

The first question that people ask when they are new to online teaching and online learning is how you recreate the “traditional” teaching process and dynamic within this environment. A common question is how do I cover the same things that I do in my face-to-face class and how students participate in this online learning process. My answer has been […]

Blackboard 9.1 Upgrade Set for Summer 2012 Semester

by George Rosa The long-awaited upgrade of Blackboard (Bb), CUNY’s Learning Management System (LMS), from the current version 8 to 9.1, has finally been set for June 2012. Faculty who log into Blackboard at the start of the summer 2012 semester will see a whole new interface and have at their disposal some powerful new tools and capabilities to more […]

CUNY will be upgrading Blackboard to its latest version

To the Hostos community: CUNY has officially announced the upgrade of Blackboard, our enterprise learning management system to its latest version (Blackboard 9.1).  The transition is scheduled to take place for the Summer 2012 semester.  A project team that includes representatives from various CUNY campuses as well as CIS IT and Blackboard staff is in place at CUNY CIS managing […]

The New EdTech Reopens Faculty Learning Commons

The Department of Educational Technology (EdTech, formerly OIT) at Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College has reopened its Faculty Learning Commons after a $60,000 redesign and renovation. The reopening was announced at an open house held  in November 2010. The Commons’ hours of operation are Monday  through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. “The Hostos Information Learning Commons (ILC) […]

EdTech Newsroom

EdTech Faculty Workshops The Educational Technology Department invites you to participate in a series of workshops aimed to help you take full advantage of technology tools and strategies to enhance teaching and learning. These workshops are centered on experiences acquired through the use of different technologies in the classroom, and will demonstrate the pros and cons when used in the […]

Clickers at Hostos

by Francisco Ordonez   Clickers, a student response system, can be used in classrooms, lecture halls, and group gatherings. They are a unique technology designed to gather and disseminate information quickly, which enable instructors to pose questions to students and immediately collect and view the responses of the entire class. Here is how clickers work: First, the instructor presents students […]

Making a Blackboard Course Section Available to Your Students

by George Rosa First, let me start with the real easy part (actually this is all really easy) – how to make a Blackboard course section available for your students to access:  1. Go into the course section that you want to make available to you students. 2. Go to the Control Panel by clicking on the Control Panel link […]

The Reward Points Program

by Ibrahim Ekin I was not a Hostos employee when the Hostos Student Reward Points Program (HSRPP) project started in 2006. I was hired as a contractor to participate in the implementation of the project and my duties included creating new as well as using existing database tables provided by IT, and writing the core functionality of the system for […]

Faculty Learning Commons (FLC)

by Iber Poma The Faculty Learning Commons (FLC) located in C559 has gone through a physical overhaul.  Many faculty members who  recently visted have noticed the newly renovated location. FLC is a dedicated resource space designed to provide faculty with support and advice in the use of technology within the curriculum. The Educational Technology offices are next to the lab […]

eBooks: On the cusp of change

by Kate Lyons “Millions of people now own Kindles… And Kindle owners read, a lot. When we have both editions, we sell 6 Kindle books for every 10 physical books” (Amazon.com, 2010). eBooks are increasing in popularity. They haven’t quite usurped their predecessors, physical books, which despite scattered predictions of their demise, have not yet become extinct. Regardless, they’re catching […]

EducationTechnology Showcase

by Carlos Guevara Once more, the annual Education<=>Technology Showcase has demonstrated Hostos’ leadership within CUNY in the use of educational technology. This year, faculty and staff members delivered presentations on their use of technology in teaching; and Dr. Helen Barrett, world renowned ePortfolio expert, delivered the keynote address on “ePortfolios: Lifelong  Learning.” The showcase also received participation from colleagues other CUNY campuses. A series of additional activities were planned in collaboration […]

A Welcome from Dr. Christine Mangino, EdD, Acting Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Welcome back to a new academic year! EdTech has been busy this summer further enhancing and streamlining the wealth of services it offers to faculty and students. The Office of Academic Affairs has spent the summer working on our operational plan, which is aligned with the college’s soon to be rolled out strategic plan. Within this plan are opportunities for […]

Welcome from Dr. Carmen Coballes-Vega, PhD, Provost and Vice-President

Welcome! As we enter into the new academic year, we consider what has come before and what is ahead. In the past few years the College has completed a number of initiatives that have prepared the way for expanding our uses of technology for learning. As we move into this year we are called to make our goals more concrete, intentional and […]

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