What is a Hyflex Course?

“A HyFlex course gives students the ability to choose to attend class sessions either face-to-face or online (e.g., synchronous, asynchronous). The number of modalities available to students will vary from course to course. Students can move among available modalities from class session to session at their discretion” – CUNY’s working definition.

Take into consideration that Hyflex is a modality and not a technology. The technology used in the Hyflex classroom consists of an OWL video and audio device that is not static but can be controlled for room viewing options. If you have already had virtual meetings or class sessions online remotely with students or peers in meetings and worked any number of video conferencing software like Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate, then you already have the necessary skills to navigate a Hyflex ready classroom.

Recommendations and Checklist

  • Make sure your Blackboard Course is created and available to students.
  • Share with students what Hyflex means in your syllabus and announcements in Blackboard.
  • Make sure your Zoom session is scheduled.
  • Share your Zoom link with your students.
  • Make sure you are Smartboard certified and you can log in to the desktop in the Hyflex classroom.

Hyflex Support

The Classroom Technology Support Center (CTSC) will provide technical support to all participating faculty. You can call 718-518-6523 to request support. A Hyflex class assistant will be assigned to each Hyflex course.

For training contact EdTech at EdTechSupport@hostos.cuny.edu.

Technology in the Hyflex classroom 

All Hyflex classrooms are equipped with an OWL, a speaker-camera combo intended to integrate remote students into the classroom in a way a regular webcam cannot. It’s about the size of a medium vase, with a cylindrical shape that tapers slightly at the top. The camera, at the top of the cylinder, is designed to offer a 360-degree view of the room you’re in, and the Owl’s speakers, located in the middle of the cylinder, work with the camera to focus in on the people speaking, no matter where they’re located within the room. To use the Owl Pro as the microphone, camera, and speaker in a streaming/recording tool such as Blackboard Collaborate or Zoom, you may need to configure the input settings for the tool you choose to use.

A TV monitor is in the back of each classroom. It allows faculty to see who is online attending the class.

The role of the Hyflex class assistant is to monitor the chat in the online platform session (Zoom, Blackboard Collaborate)

Before Hyflex Class
  1. Faculty will need to complete the Smartboard certification course in Blackboard. Smartboard Certified Faculty will be able to log in to the Smartboard Desktop using their Hostos CC email credentials.
  2. Click on the link to open Blackboard.
  3. Watch this video to schedule a Zoom class session.
  4. Log in to your Hostos CC Zoom account to schedule your class meetings. Afterward, share the link with your class on Blackboard.
  5. Schedule recurring Zoom meetings for the days and times of your classes.
  6. Remember to record your class meetings in the cloud (never locally).
In the Hyflex Class
  1. Click on the link to open Blackboard.
  2. Go to your course and click on the Zoom link.
  3. Click on Launch.
  4. Select your OWL camera and audio options while in Zoom.
  5. Start your session and admit students.
  6. Record your session.
While In Hyflex Class
  1. Manage your Zoom session by allowing the online viewers to ask questions using the chat feature.
  2. Be sure to connect your Zoom session to the OWL camera.
  3. Click on the arrow next to your video icon and select the OWL camera.
  4. Click on the arrow next to your audio icon and select the OWL microphone.

Zoom is recommended to use and is installed in all Smart Room desktop computers.

When Leaving Hyflex Class
  1. Log out of Blackboard.
  2. Log out of Zoom. (Zoom stays logged in and the next instructor will be accessing your Zoom session)
  3. Log out of the Desktop computer. (no need to power off the computer)
  4. Use the control box to turn off the projector.
How to Use Zoom in the Hyflex Classroom
  1. Open your Bb course and click on the Zoom session.
  2. Log in to Zoom to start the session.
  3. Check your Audio and Video are available
  4. Use the OWL for audio and video.
  5. Do not forget to click the record button to record your lecture.
How to Use Bb Collaborate in the Hyflex Classroom

Click on Blackboard Collaborate to schedule and moderate sessions.

  1. Open Blackboard Collaborate and join your session or course room. The browser should be opened on the primary monitor so that Collaborate projects onto the classroom screen.
  2. Your browser may ask for your permission to access your Microphone and Camera. Click Allow
  3. Collaborate may present an audio test.
  4. Collaborate may present a video test.
  5. Your session has begun. To unmute your microphone and camera on Collaborate, click on the microphone and camera icons on the bottom of the window
  6. Do not forget to click the record button to record your lecture.

For information about the Hyflex classrooms, visit the CTSC Hyflex classrooms page.

Click on CUNY Hyflex Pilot for more information about benefits, teaching, assessment and support for Hyflex.

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