Each assignment, in a point-based grading system, is assigned a point value.  The final grade in a course is cumulative and determined by adding up all the points earned in individual assignments.

How to Create an Assessment Schema Using the Point Grade System?

Create Assessment Schema

Determine the assignment categories (e.g., homework, midterm, presentations, etc.) and group individual assignments into each category. For example, ten individual homework short paper assignments can be included in the homework category. Consider using the Backward Design framework in this step.

Set the Maximum Points Possible

Establish the maximum points for the final grade. For example, a 1000 Grade Point System means that a student can earn a maximum of 1000 points in your course after they complete all assignments.

Align Categories With Learning Objectives

Align assessment categories with the course learning objectives to determine which assessment category will be assigned a higher point value (high-stakes) and which category will have a lower point value (low stakes). For example, a midterm assignment is usually considered high-stakes, and a discussion board post can be regarded as a low-stakes assignment.

Assign Points to Each Assessment

In this step, we are calculating the final course grade using the Total column. Consider Bloom’s Taxonomy to determine which individual assessment or assessment categories deserve a higher point value.


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