In an effort to maximize the use of technologies available in the Smart classrooms, Hostos has established new policies and guidelines  for assigning Smart classrooms.  The certification process consists of completing a Smart Room Certification Course on Blackboard offered by EdTech.

You are now able to self-enroll in our Blackboard Smart Room Certification Course.  Log in to Blackboard and look for the following module located in the bottom of the third column.

This is what the course registration module looks like.

      (NOTE: This is a screenshot of the registration link in Blackboard)



  • Instructor must provide a short description of how the course will utilize the functionality of the smart classroom to help achieve the class objectives.
  • Instructor should have used Blackboard in the past.
  • Instructor must answer yes to at least one of the following activities:
    • My course will use online video in the classroom.
    • My course will use PowerPoint to augment teaching.
    • My course will utilize lecture capture.
    • My course will include real-time annotations of presentations.

NOTE: Priority will be given to hybrid sections

Protocol to use a Smart Classroom for a whole semester

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