Who do I contact for Blackboard support, or support in anything related to Educational Technology at Hostos?

Your first line of EdTech support is your department liaison in the EdTech Office.
Contact us to see  EdTech contact information:

Location: C559

Extension: 718 319-7915

Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00AM – 5:00PM

What are the kinds of support offered for faculty by EdTech?

EdTech provides:
Faculty Workshops – workshops planned include Blackboard Essentials, Grade Center, Assessment tools, Collaborate, Social Network, Smart Board an iPads.
To learn about and register for a workshop, go to this link: Faculty Workshops

Online Tutorials
  Print tutorials covering Blackboard and other topics.

CUNY Blackboard WebsiteA site that gives the latest information on Blackboard 9.1 for faculty and students, including online User Guides.

How do I use the Faculty Learning Commons?

For conferences, the Smart Board-equipped Faculty Learning Commons (C559) can be reserved through Hostos Community College’s Room/Space Request System.  To access it, click on the following link:
Room Request System Once you’re in, float your cursor over the Reservations icon on the top left .  In the pop-up menu, click on Ed Tech (C559).  On the page that appears you can set the date and time you wish to reserve the room.

Who do I see about servicing my office computer or help getting onto the network?

Maintenance of the Hostos computer hardware and network infrastructure, including servicing computers and  installing software, are under the responsibility of the Information Technology Office.  To make a job request order with them, go to this link:
IT Job Request.

How do I borrow a laptop and/or projector and other hardware?

Laptop computers and projectors for faculty are the responsibility of the Office of Academic Computing. To reserve a laptop, projector or multimedia cart that has both, go to the Tech Resources Reservation System site: can be reserved through the Tech Resource Reservation System.  To access it, click on the following link:

Tech Resource Reservation System Once you’re in, in the View schedule window, choose Computer on Wheels (COWS) for laptops for a class, LCD Projectors for a projector, or Multimedia Cart for laptop/projector setup. For each of these schedules, you click on the desired time block to reserve in their respective calendars.

What is Blackboard 9.1?

Blackboard 9.1 is the course management system (CMS) used by CUNY and Hostos for management of the online component of courses.  Sections that are taught online are taught through Blackboard 9.1.

How do I get a Blackboard account?

When you are registered with  CUNYFirst and have a CUNYfirst employee ID, you also are registered for Blackboard. Click any link to Blackboard, in the Hostos main page or in the CUNY site for instance and it will bring you to the CUNY Login page.

Use your CUNYfirst username with following and your CUNYfirst password as your password to login.  This will bring you into Blackboard.

Is there a connection between Bb and Cunyfirst with regard to emailing students?

There is currently no connection between CUNYfirst and Blackboard student email accounts. In CUNYfirst, registered Hostos students all have their Hostos emails associated with their CUNYfirst accounts. Therefore any emails sent by faculty to students through CUNYfirst Faculty Center will go to the students Hostos email.
In Blackboard, which receives student data from the CUNY Portal, the Hostos email address is often linked with a student account, but it can sometimes be the email of another CUNY campus, a personal email or even none at all. It’s highly recommended that all Hostos faculty make it a policy that email communication between instructor and students be done through their Hostos email accounts, and students be required to have access to their Hostos email. By doing this, students would be assured of receiving communication, as long as students make sure their mailboxes aren’t full. To link a student email to Blackboard, the student should click on the Update Email link under Tools in his/her Blackboard Home page. Here students can enter their Hostos email addresses to sync it with their Blackboard courses.

How do I get a CUNY portal account?

To register in the CUNY Portal:
(1) go to
(2) click on the Portal Log-In button
(3)Click on Register for a New Account
(4)Click on Faculty
(5) Fill in the Verify Information form

I’m having problems with my Hostos email. Who do I contact for that?

Information Technology is responsible for faculty and student email. To make a job request for your email account, go to this link:
IT Job Request.

What is the Hostos Social Network?

A Social Network is a way for people to be connected within a community. The Hostos Social Network serves the Hostos community, allowing faculty, students and staff to create blogs, join and participate in groups and connect with classmates and colleagues. To enter the Social Network, go to the link:


What kind of educational media support does EdTech offer?

EdTech provides support for the following:

Imaging, Video and Lecture Capture
Panopto Lecture Capture, Blackboard Building Block;
Adobe Suite  – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, AfterEffects, Acrobat, Flash, Dreamweaver;

Mobile Learning devices and apps
iPads, including a teaching with iPad initiative;
Support for mobile apps used in initiatives

Information about the media and mobile devices EdTech supports can be found by going to the Mobile Learning page under the Faculty tab, or by clicking this link.



What kind of online courses are there at Hostos?

An online course is one in which part or all of the course is conducted online. In an asynchronous course, 100% of the coursework is carried out online. In a hybrid course, 30% to 60% of the coursework is carried out online.

Do I need certification to teach an online course?

Technically, you do not need any special certification to teach an online course. Arrangement to teach an online course is done similar to teaching a face-to-face course – through your academic department.

It’s highly recommended that if you plan to teach an online course for the first time that you consider participating in the Online Initiative. Visit the Online Initiative page in the Faculty Section of the Online Learning site or click this link.

What is the Online Learning Initiative?

The Online Learning Initiative, through a series of workshops and mentoring, assists faculty in developing an online course (either hybrid or asynchronous), which can then be presented to their departments for approval and scheduled to run in the following semester. For more information, visit the Online Learning Initiative link under Online Learning in the main menu, or click on this link  IF you are interested in participating in the Online Initiative and developing and teaching an online course, contact:
Carlos Guevara, Director of EdTech ( or
Kate Lyons, Chairperson of the ETLC (

Are there faculty who I can discuss educational technology issues with?

The Educational Technology Leadership Council (ETLC) is made up of faculty members from the academic departments, Library and Counseling with EdTech staff as advisers and chaired by the Faculty Liaison to EdTech. Your department ETLC representative is your faculty contact for educational technology issues and initiatives at Hostos and CUNY. 

To see the list of faculty who are member of the ETLC, go to the ETLC page or click on this link.

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