Blackboard is the learning management system used by CUNY campuses. It is a tool that allows faculty to add resources for students to access online content.

Faculty Workshops

To see the workshop offerings and register, click on the following link:  Faculty Workshops

Smart Classroom 

Smart classrooms are those equipped with projectors, DVD, high-resolution sound and audio/video recording capabilities with Panopto.  Some Smart classrooms are equipped with touchscreens, while others with a monitor and stylus.

To use a Smart classroom and be able to log into the network using through the Smart computer, you must first be certified by passing the Smart Classoom course, a short online course on Blackboard, managed by EdTech.  For more information about the course, click on the following link: Smart Classroom Certification.


ePortfolios are a way for students to curate and showcase their best work. Create your own ePortfolio by visiting and using your Hostos credentials (email username and password) to log in.

Hostos Social Network

A social network is a way for people to be connected within a community. The Hostos Social Network serves the Hostos community, allowing faculty, students and staff to create blogs, join and participate in groups and connect with classmates and colleagues. More info:


CUNYFirst stands for CUNY Fully Integrated Resources and Services Tool. Topics in the workshop include using the Faculty Center; the Student Groups tool; Student Indicators; and using the query viewer to generate reports. For more information about CUNYFirst, visit

Student Workshops

EdTech offers customized course-related workshops for faculty who are introducing new technology to their students. To arrange for customized workshops for your course related needs, contact Iber Poma at 718-319-7971 or Students can also self-register for technology workshops by going to


Blackboard for Faculty Initiative

CUNY, Hostos, and EdTech strive to increase the number of faculty using Blackboard at Hostos. Using Blackboard could mean simply making your syllabus available and using the announcements page to communicate updates and/or emergencies. It could mean making course materials and online resources available on Blackboard, or it could even mean teaching a hybrid or asynchronous course. Reach out to your department liaison to discuss how you can integrate Blackboard into your teaching.

Online Initiative

The Online Initiative is a series of workshops designed to support faculty in the development of asynchronous and hybrid online courses. Participants will be introduced to the tools, resources, and strategies necessary for ETLC Certification of their proposed course with follow up through the following semester where they first deliver the course. Reach out to your Unit Coordinator and/or Director of your department regarding candidacy for this Initiative which runs from September to December and February to May each year.

iPad Pilot Initiative

This initiative looks for ways to incorporate iPads into teaching and learning. Hostos launched its iPad Pilot Initiative in Fall 2012. Faculty members who were chosen to participate experimented with different apps that would enhance their classroom teaching.

Innovations Initiative

The Office of Educational Technology is committed to aiding faculty in the implementation of new tools and services. Towards that end, our recommendation list is continuously updated. These suggestions have undergone scrutiny to determine stability, security, and usefulness. Bear in mind that with all new technologies, capabilities and effectiveness is largely untested. Our ability to support such tools is limited to setup and brainstorming suggested use.


 Faculty Learning Commons

The Faculty Learning Commons is room C-559. The room has been equipped with new computers and media hardware. It is a lounge and workspace where faculty can meet, converse and access the latest technology to create and capture interactive lectures. Reserve it by visiting  In the page:

  1. Login using your Hostos network Username and Password (the credentials you use to access your Hostos email).
  2. At the top of the page, click on Reservations.
  3. click on EdTech (C-559) in the dropdown menu.  This will bring you to the Reservation Calendar.

Tech Fee Budget

Each year, funds are collected from students for the express purpose of improving available technology at Hostos. A portion of these funds are allocated to EdTech for supporting educational technology in academic departments and in the EdTech office. To have a voice in the distribution of these funds, reach out to your department liaison to ETLC. Requested technology must be for student use or to benefit student learning. Deadlines to submit a request varies every Academic Year.  Click Here to submit the request from your Academic Department.

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