The Flipped Classroom framework proposes using class time for activities that promote higher-order thinking and directs learners to encounter relevant information before the class. With the development of technology, it became easier for learners to engage with materials at their own pace leaving the class time for activities that enhance student understanding of the material.

Design Class Activities

Active learning entails instructional activities that create a learning experience that goes beyond
listening, reading, and memorizing. Examples include collaborative/group work, reflections, real-time polling, etc.

Curate Learning Materials

Select or create learning materials for students to engage with at home, before the class session. Materials should be accessible and should adhere to the UDL principles.

Instruct Students How to Use Learning Materials

When engaged in self-paced learning, students may be easily distracted or it may be difficult for them to plan study sessions. Providing time-management tools, such as calendars, timers, or Kanban boards may be beneficial. Note-taking strategies and habits are essential for self-paced learning.


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