The Hostos Online Learning Assessment (HOLA) Committee has been established for three main purposes: to evaluate the effectiveness of the resources the college provides to support faculty and students engaged in hybrid and asynchronous teaching and learning; to investigate student perceptions about their learning experiences matriculating through hybrid and asynchronous courses, and to investigate faculty perceptions about the benefits and potential drawbacks of hybrid and asynchronous teaching.

The HOLA Committee endeavors to research the activities at Hostos Community College related to hybrid and asynchronous teaching and learning, in order to improve the experiences of faculty members and students at the college. The HOLA Committee seeks to collect and provide empirical data that will educate the Hostos community about the current state of hybrid and asynchronous education at the college. The HOLA Committee also seeks to disseminate its findings beyond the college, contributing to the scholarship of online teaching and learning. The HOLA Committee will also solicit and propose ideas that could potentially improve training methods for faculty interested in online teaching, increase the accessibility of technological resources for faculty and students, and raise the quality of student education in hybrid and online learning environments.


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