Creating Engaging Videos

First of all, there is not a single strategy that works best every time to make students interact with class content. But many experts suggest that the best time frame for microvideo is six minutes if possible before students start losing interest. Along these lines, the video must be relevant to the viewers you are trying to engage or inform. It is recommended that after students watch a video, it is followed with questions to make sure they understood the content. Videos should have good visual elements and clear audio.

The content of the video should dictate the technique used since the same technique will not work in every situation. Some techniques that can be used are: Storytelling is a well-known concept to transfer knowledge. Conversational videos are very useful and according to Matt Pierce, Learning and Video Ambassador at TechSmith, “videos are more engaging when they are conversational vs highly technical.” Humor and emotions can be used to generate engaging videos as well.


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