Are your Students Watching your Videos?

It is a fact that videos play an important role in the teaching and learning process in today’s education, especially when they are followed with pedagogical questions about the content.

The purpose of the video will guide instructors to decide if they will be doing lecture capture for students who missed classes or microvideos to further explain a difficult concept, which they have already identified as struggling content from student feedback and interactions with the material.

Sometimes, it is not necessary to record microvideos with the intention of explaining a concept in a different way or deeply. If you search for it, you might find that someone already did it and it is available for your use. Instructors may search in different places including YouTube. Some sites offer curated content where someone else did the research and put together only the best videos.

Independently of the type of videos, professors should always aim to generate or search for engaging videos that utilize one or more techniques to make them interesting such as storytelling, conversation, humor, and emotions. The more time students spend reading, writing, researching, and doing homework with the material, the more engaged they are and the more they learn.

Always review the final product to make sure it is what you want, and how you wanted it paying attention to the quality of the video and the audio as well. Share videos with your students since in the end, they will be the ones who will benefit the most.

In short, videos are great elements/teaching tools to include in the learning process.


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