Purpose of the Video

Before using videos in your class, the first step is to determining the purpose of the video. This will guide you as to what type of video to create if there is a need. In general, we can say that there are many types of videos depending on their characteristics. But, we are focusing on two of them: Microvideos and Lecture capture. They both have their own purposes.

Lecture Capture

Refers to the process of recording your computer screen, which usually includes a Power Point presentation, or the entire screen and it may or may not have a web cam recording the instructor as well. In general, these videos will be long, and the intention is to make the class recordings available to students at the end of the class period so that students who missed classes are able to see the content continue their studies.


Refers to the concept of recording a video with the purpose of further explaining or expanding on a difficult subject or topic. These videos are short and to the point. In general, faculty has identified that students struggle with the concept by analyzing assessment results. Targeted videos are well thought out and may use a different approach to how to handle the subject.



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