The transition from Blackboard to D2L Brightspace not only enables access to a more modern platform but also represents an exciting opportunity for us to enhance our teaching and learning experiences. This transition is a significant step forward, and we are excited about the opportunities that D2L Brightspace offers.

The steps we have discussed in this unit – decluttering your course, ensuring accessibility, organizing and backing up course content – are not just about preparing for the transition. They are about improving the learning experience for our students. They are about making our courses more navigable, more accessible, and more engaging.

As we move through this process, EdTech be providing resources and support to help you prepare for the transition and make the most of the new system. We are all learning together, and the goal is to create a better learning environment for our students.

Thank you for your commitment to improving the learning experience for our students. Your efforts will make a significant difference as we transition to D2L Brightspace.

Take Action

As you continue to enhance the accessibility and effectiveness of your courses, we invite you to schedule an appointment (below) with an EdTech instructional designer for personalized guidance tailored to your course’s unique needs. Additionally, don’t miss the opportunity to deepen your expertise by signing up for a CUNY training session (TBD). Both avenues offer valuable insights and hands-on experience that can transform your approach to teaching and learning. We look forward to supporting you in creating an inclusive and dynamic educational environment.


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