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Create and Organize Discussions in Brightspace

Forums and Topics

Brightspace’s Discussion Forums provide an effective way to facilitate and organize online discussions. This tool is essential for creating an interactive learning environment, allowing both instructors and students to engage in meaningful conversations.


Forums act as overarching categories under which specific discussion topics are housed. This structure helps in organizing discussions thematically or by subject matter.

Within each forum, you can create multiple discussion topics. Discussion topics are the questions that students can respond to. Instructors create topics where the actual discussions take place, allowing for more focused and topic-specific conversations among students.

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Consider you are teaching a course on Environmental Science. Here’s how Forums and Topics can be utilized:

  • Create a main forum (category) titled Climate Change Discussions.
  • Within this Forum, set up specific topics (questions), such as Impact of Climate Change on Biodiversity, Renewable Energy Solutions, and Policy Responses to Climate Change.

Students can engage in each of these topics, sharing ideas, resources, and feedback specific to the topic at hand.

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