By Ana Marjanovic, Instructional Designer/LMS Administrator, EdTech

Introduction to the LMS Transition

Welcome to the first step in our journey toward a new Learning Management System (LMS). As you may already know, CUNY is transitioning to a new LMS, D2L Brightspace. This transition represents an exciting opportunity for us to enhance our teaching and learning experiences.

What is D2L Brightspace?

D2L Brightspace is a comprehensive learning management system that is modern and easy to use for faculty, staff, and students. It offers new capabilities to support teaching and learning across different modalities, supports growth in online learning, provides advanced analytics that contribute to student success, and lays a foundation for engaging learning experiences that facilitate Regular and Substantive Interaction (RSI) in online courses.

What can you do now?

This microlearning program will help you prepare for the transition and make the most of the new system.


This Microlearning unit will help you

  • understand the context and reasons for the transition from Blackboard to D2L Brightspace
  • improve course organization for a smooth LMS transition and improved student experience
  • enhance the accessibility of your current course with a built-in Anthology Ally tool

Time Commitment

For less than 15-min a day (in a 5-day commitment), you will learn how to prepare your Blackboard course for a smooth transition to D2L.

Microlearning Units

  • Unit 1: D2L Brightspace Transition – How, Why, and When
  • Unit 2: De-cluttering Your Course
  • Unit 3: Ensuring Accessibility of Course Materials
  • Unit 4: Organizing Course Content
  • Unit 5: Backing up your Bb Course

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