The syllabus provides students with important information about course requirements, the book(s) that will be used, grading criteria, assignments an more.

  1. Login into Blackboard
  2. Select the course you want to upload your syllabus to from the My Courses module (top-left)
  3. Make sure the Edit Mode is On (top-right)
  4. Click on the name of the Content Area in which you wish to add the file (e.g. Course Information or Syllabus)
  5. Hover your mouse over the Build Content Action Link button
  6. Under the Create section, click on the Item link
  7. Complete the Content Information field (provide a name)
  8. (Optional) copy the content from a Word document and paste it in the Content Editor section under text.
  9. In the Attachment section, click Browse My Computer to locate the file you want to upload. Files can be in the following formats: Word and PDF (PDF is recommend)
  10. Click Submit

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