Sharing a Link to Bb Collaborate Ultra Session

When using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, you have the ability to share a guest link with people outside of your course. This is particularly useful for inviting guest speakers to your class or allowing observers to join your session. By sharing the guest link, you can provide access to your Collaborate Ultra session without requiring your guests to have a Blackboard login. In the following steps, we will guide you through the process of sharing the guest link with external participants.

  1. Log in to Blackboard and navigate to the course where you have created the Collaborate Ultra session.
  2. Once in the course, go to the Collaborate Ultra tool and click on the session you want to share.
  3. In the Events Detail tab, add a checkmark to the Guest access option.
    Bb Collaborate Ultra Guest link screenshot
  4. Set the Guest role in the field below and scroll down to Save the session.
  5. After you saved the session, a guest link that can be shared with people outside of your course will be generated. Click on the Copy button (two squares) next to the guest link to copy the link to your clipboard.
    Bb Collaborate Ultra Guest link screenshot
  6. You can then share the link with people outside of your course by pasting it into an email or a message. When a recipient clicks on the guest link, they will be prompted to enter their name to join the session as a guest.


That depends on whether your observer wants to have access to your Bb course. Please follow up with your observer to find out more.

Having access to a Blackboard course means that you are enrolled either as a student or a instructor in the course, and you have access to all the materials, activities, and Collaborate Ultra sessions within the course.

On the other hand, being a guest in a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra session means that you do not have access to the course, but you can join a specific Collaborate Ultra session through a guest link provided by the course instructor. As a guest, you have limited access to the Collaborate Ultra session and cannot see or participate in any of the course materials or activities outside of the session. However, you can still participate in the Collaborate Ultra session, including viewing and listening to presentations, chatting with other participants, and using interactive tools such as polls and whiteboards, depending on the permissions set by the instructor.

You do not need to request approval from your department chair to share the Bb Collaborate Ultra guest link. However, if you want to enroll a qualified person into your Bb course, you need to request approval from your department chair. Learn more… >

If your observer is already enrolled in your Blackboard course, there is no need to generate a Bb Collaborate Ultra (BbCU) guest link for them. Observers who are enrolled in the course can access the live sessions and course materials directly through the Blackboard course. However, it’s important to note that the peer observation period for enrolled observers is 48 hours.

BbCU guest links are typically generated when individuals outside of the course, such as guest lecturers or external collaborators, need to access live sessions or course materials. However, if your observer is already enrolled in the course, they will have access to the course and its materials, but not to the grade center.

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