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Export Course creates a package of course content that can later be imported into the same course or a different course. Archive Course creates a permanent record of a course including all the content and user interactions available at the time the Archive is created. Export Common Cartridge creates a package that can be shared across learning management systems.

To Export a Course

  1. In the Control Panel, under Packages and Utilities, click on Export/Archive Course.
    Screenshot showing Export/Archive Bb course
  2. Click on Export Package.
  3. File Attachment: It is best to choose the option Copy links and include copies of the files in the course default directory. If in doubt click the Calculate Size button for the different options and choose the smaller one that allows linked content to be copied.
  4. Click the Calculate Size button to find out the size of the course. The Manage Package Contents allows you to delete content to make the package size smaller. Note: the current limit on Course Size is 1.5 GB. Often courses created before the current limit was implemented are larger. It is important that the course you are exporting is smaller than 1.5 GB or else it will be impossible to later import it into a course shell. If it is larger, please take steps to reduce the size before exporting by deleting large course files. Contact EdTech if you need further assistance with this.
  5. As in Course Copy, you can select specific content to export, or all content.
  6. Click Submit. The process may take a while. You will receive a message in your Hostos email.
  7. Click the Refresh button. The zip package link will appear.
  8. Right-click on the zip package link and choose to download the package from the Right-click menu. Save the file to your computer desktop and in a back-up drive. DO NOT CLICK TO OPEN THE ZIP FILE. Blackboard can only import a course when it is packaged in a zip file generated by the export/archive tool or one provided by a Blackboard or a third-party vendor.

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