The current Learning Management System used by CUNY is Blackboard. To be successful in online classes, you need access to a reliable computer (PC, iMac, or Laptop recommended) with audio/video capability (webcam and microphone), a fast and reliable Internet connection, and web browsers and plugins updated. To check if your browser is compatible with the latest version of Blackboard, use the Blackboard browser checker.

Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices

Devices such as smartphones and tablets mobile devices can be used to access Blackboard, but those devices are not recommended for use with assignments and quizzes. If you decide to use your mobile device with Blackboard, it’s best for checking announcements and viewing content. Blackboard has a mobile app, which can be downloaded wherever you normally get your apps. Your instructor may take advantage of a feature that allows you to take exams easily on a mobile device. Ask your professor if they plan to use this feature for online exams. If in doubt, the safest option is to take an online exam using a laptop or desktop.

Chromebook Devices

Chromebook (Chrome OS)

Chromebook is a specific kind of laptop that runs Chrome OS instead of Windows or macOS. Compared to Mac or PC laptops, Chromebooks put a heavy focus on Google apps and websites. Certain Blackboard features may not work properly on Chromebooks. Some students have reported problems with opening PDF files and taking exams on Chromebooks, and it is recommended to take an online exam using a laptop or desktop.

Desktop/Laptop Devices

Desktop/Laptop Devices

Laptops and PCs are preferred devices to use with Blackboard. Below is a list of minimum device requirements for Blackboard to run smoothly.

Operating Systems

Windows:  8, 10, 11 (Windows 10S is may cause issues).
Mac: macOS 10.12 to 11.1 and higher


4 GB RAM and higher
Screen resolution
1024 x 768 or higher


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