1. Log in to Blackboard
  2. Select your course from the My Courses module (top-left)
  3. From the Control Panel, click on Course Tools link, then click on Tests, Surveys and Pools (bottom of Course Tools).
  4. From the Tests, Surveys and Pools page, Click on the Tests link.
  5. From the Tests page, click on Build Test (top-right).
  6. On the Test Information page, provide a name.
  7. Optionally, type Instructions and a Description. You can use the Text Editor functions to format the text and include files, images, web links, multimedia, and Mashups. Any files uploaded from your computer are saved in Course Files or the Content Collection in the top level folder. Attachments uploaded using the Text Editor can be launched in a new window and can include alternate text to describe the attachment.
  8. Click Submit
Creating questions. You should change the Question Settings if you want to include images, external links and feedback.
  1. After the test is created, you can add question by using one of the following methods: Create Question or Reuse Question or Upload Questions you may have in comma delimited text file.
  2. If adding questions by using the Create Question, select question type from the drop-down list and follow the instructions.
  3. To add more questions, please repeat step 11.

Making tests available to students:

  1. Go to the Content Area in which you would like the test to appear.
  2. Select Test from the Create Assessment drop-down list.
  3. Select the test you wish to display from the list that appears and click the Submit button.

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