Creating Bb Assignments

Instructors can create an Assignment in Blackboard as a way for students to submit coursework. When an Assignment is created, a Grade Column is automatically created for it in the Grade Center. Students can either type the assignment answers directly into the Assignment tool text box or attach a document. Files formats compatible with Assignments are Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX), Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Image (JPE, JPEG, PNG), PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX), Excel (XLS, XLSX), and other audio and video files.

To create an Assignment:


  1. In the top-bar action menu in the content area (Course Content) where you want to post the Assignment, click on Assessments then select Assignment.
    Bb Assignment screenshot
  2. Enter the Name and Instructions for the Assignment.
    Bb Assignment screenshot
  3. If you want to attach a document for the students to read click on the Browse My Computer button.
    Bb Assignment screenshot
  4. Enter Points Possible for this Assignment.
    Bb Assignment screenshot
  5. Click Submission Details to expand it. Choose if it is an Individual, Group, or Portfolio Submission. Specify if it is a Single Attempt, Multiple Attempts, or Unlimited Attempts and if you wish to have it checked for plagiarism by using SafeAssign (discussed separately).
  6. Click on Display of Grades allows you to set how the grades are displayed in the Grade Center and to the students in their Grades tool. You are also given options for Anonymous Grading to prevent bias, and Delegated Grading if the course is taught by multiple instructors or has teaching assist
    Bb Assignment screenshot
  7. Set the Due Date for the Assignment.

Bb Assignment screenshot

8. Set the Due Date for the Assignment.  Set Availability Dates and Times, then click Submit.

Bb Assignment screenshot


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