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There’s a new way to get information and guidance from the Hostos Library to your students—right where and when they need it: in Blackboard. During the past several years, Hostos Librarians have set up numerous online guides on a platform called “LibGuides.” These guides are usually tailored to a speci­c discipline, class, or even to a speci­c assignment. For instance, here is one called “Psychology Research Jumpstart”: and another that is specific to a particular research assignment for an Education course:

LibGuides interface

We even have a “Research 101” guide with information that can help any student in any class who is struggling with a research assignment:


Beginning in the Fall of 2018, you will notice an option in the Tools menu of Blackboard labeled “Library Research Help.” Clicking on this link, students will ­find the most specific information available to help them with their information research. If there is a guide set up that addresses a specific research assignment, like the “EDU 101” guide listed above, that very specific guide will appear. If there is no assignment-specific guide for that course, there may be a discipline-specifi­c guide that appears. The Psychology guide listed above is an example of a discipline-specific guide. If there is no assignment-specific or discipline-specific guide for that course, then students who click on “Library Research Help” will see the “Research 101” guide.





Anyone interested in working with a librarian to develop a tailored guide should contact her or his library liaison, listed here: It is possible to design a guide for a discipline, a course, or even for a particular section of a course. The tool also has a manual mode, which individual faculty can use to embed LibGuides content anywhere within Blackboard—not just on the “Library Research Help” page. (You can browse our existing roster of guides here: If you’d like more information about how to consult with a librarian to develop a guide, ideas on how to build awareness and engage students, or if you have any questions at all about the initiative, you can contact: Professor Linda Miles Library (



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