Fully utilizing an LMS is an amazing help for faculty because their teaching will be easier and smoother in all regards. However, being able to perform essential tasks is imperative to alleviate and or avoid some of the hurdles that may happen at the beginning of the semester. Copying content from previous semesters, making necessary changes to have the course ready for students, making the course available before the semester begins, having the syllabus in place in the course, and communicating important information is critical for students’ success and a strong start of the semester.


In this microlearning course, you will learn how to perform essential tasks in Blackboard by:

  • Making Course Copies
  • Merging Course Sections
  • Uploading your Syllabus
  • Making your Course Available
  • Sending Announcements

Time Commitment

In less than 10 minutes per day over a week, you can learn the essentials of Blackboard.


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