Understanding how the Grade Center works and using it to help you grading is an excellent idea and a time saver. It helps you as instructor because it takes away the burden of calculating grades manually. It also helps students since they can see their current grades at any point in time during the semester based on the work they have done so fa.

The Grade Center allows faculties to calculate final grades by using total point or weighted grades, providing students with extra credit, and curving grades of students did not well. All this, give more time to faculty concentrate in teaching while not having to spend much time in grading.


In this microlearning course, you will learn how to work and set up the Grade Center by:

  • Setting up and using calculated columns
  • Curving grades in the Blackboard
  • Providing and calculating extra credit opportunities
  • Setting up the Grade Center to help you grading

Time Commitment

In less than 15 minutes per day over a week, you can learn how to set up the Grade Center to perform the grades calculations for you.16px

Microlearning Units

  • Unit 1 Calculated columns
  • Unit 2 Curving grades
  • Unit 3 Extra credits
  • Unit 4 Setting up the Grade Center

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