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Methods for Online Teaching, a companion program to the Online Learning Essentials (OLE) course goes
beyond the fundamentals of implementation and
course development. It focuses on strategies for improving the experience for both online learning and course delivery, and it re-examines the roles of the instructor, learner, and learning community in the online setting, using the Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework. MOT is delivered in an online mix mode via Blackboard.

Course Structure

This course will offer opportunities to share faculty experiences for the benefit of everyone involved in the course. Each unit includes activities that are useful for tweaking ongoing courses as well as designing ones still in the planning and implementation stages.

As a prerequisite to this course, all participants should have been previously certified through the Online Learning Initiative. A lot of what this course entails builds on concepts and tools learned to design online courses.

After completing this course, you will:

  • Become familiar with concepts from the CoI framework to improve online course design and delivery
  • Be able to apply essential aspects of course design in a more strategic fashion to support cognitive presence
  • Be able to redefine instructional strategies to improve teaching presence
  • Be able to develop strategies to improve interactivity and the overall sense of community to support social presence
  • Be able to refine delivery to foster learner presence from your students


This course includes

  • Five units:
    • An introduction to the Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework
    • Course Design & Delivery to support Cognitive Presence
    • Instructional Strategies to support Teaching Presence
    • Strategies to support Social Presence
    • Strategies to foster Learner Presence from your students
  • Pre-and post-surveys

Each unit includes:

  • Learning objectives
  • Explanations
  • Supplementary video resources
  • Live participatory discussion on zoom:
  • A Practical Exercise
  • A Self-Assessment Survey

To complete this course, please participate in: The Pre-survey, Discussion Board Prompts, Practical Exercises, Self-Assessment Surveys and finally the Post-survey.


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