Cooperative Learning

By Eric Ritholz, Online Learning Coordinator

Office of Educational Technology

Online student engagement is essential to motivation and progress.  Cooperative Learning strategies can help achieve this through the use of group activity styles, assigning roles for individual tasks in a group activity, and assessment focused both on the group activity and individual contribution.  This can be taken a step further by referring to specific resources or guidance for each box in the rubrics.

Cooperative learning consists of students working together to achieve shared learning goals

Participate in the Learning Circles Microlearning series and:

  • Choose an effective activity type (cooperative learning style) to engage the students.
  • Identify roles, with common and differentiated responsibilities for the activity
  • Design a practical rubric to assess criteria based on the common and differentiated responsibilities of each student
  • Hyperlink resources and other course-specific materials to the rubric based on student achievement to focus on what they need to make progress

Learning circles Cooperative Learning:


Time Commitment

Styles: 10 minutes

Roles: 10 minutes

Assessments: 15 minutes

More: 10 minutes

Total: 45 minutes


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