By Iber Poma, Coordinator of Student Services, EdTech

Acquiring digital literacy education means the ability to access various information sources, the practical capacity to use digital tools for information source management, and the ability to share different media, as well as the ability to efficiently present and communicate using the proper processes and tools.

The main components of Digital Literacy are:

  • Practical Technical Skills
  • Collaboration Skills
  • Social and Cultural Skills
  • Critical Thinking


In this microlearning course, you will learn how to Evaluate Online Information by:

  • Identifying reliable websites with relevant information.
  • Asking the right questions and looking for clues.
  • Examining the anatomy of a webpage.

Time Commitment

For less than 10-min a day (in a 3-day commitment), you will be able to evaluate websites and discern if they are reliable.

Microlearning Units

  • Unit 1: Judging Online Information
  • Unit 2: Practice Evaluating a Webpage
  • Unit 3: The Anatomy of a Webpage

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