Weighted Total Columns

A Weighted Column calculates a grade based on the result of selected columns, but unlike the Total Column, it does not simply add up points. Instead, it assigns a specific percentage (or weight) to each selected column, reflecting its importance in the overall course. For example, you might decide that quizzes represent 20% of the final grade, midterm exams 30%, final exams 30%, and participation 20%. The Weighted Column then calculates the final grade based on these percentages.

This method is particularly useful in courses where certain assignments or activities are designed to contribute more to the final grade than others. By using a Weighted Column, instructors can accurately reflect the intended learning outcomes and assessment criteria of their course in the final grade calculation. Learn more about percentage-based grading system and review the steps below to set up the Weighted Total column.

  1. In the Grade Center, locate the Weighted Total column, click on the chevron (arrow pointing down), and click on the Edit Column Information option 
  2. Set Primary and Secondary Displays as you want 
  3. From the Select Columns section, click and select the columns and/or categories from the left side and move them to the right side using the appropriate arrow 
  4. After selecting all the columns and/or categories, add the percentage amount based on grade distribution. Make sure the Total weight is equal to 100%. You can weigh grades equally or proportionally if some grades have more weight than others. You can also drop grades based on the highest or lowest grades.
    Blackboard Weighted Column Setting image 
  5. Set Calculate as Running Total to Yes 
  6. Set Include this column in Grade Center calculations to Yes 
  7. Set Show this column to students to Yes 
  8. Click the Submit button 

Total Columns

The Total column calculates grades based on total points earned by students vs the total points possible for all included items (assignments, quizzes, etc). You can modify the Total column or create one.

Edit a Total Column

To modify the existing Total column, do the following: 

  1. From the full Grade Center page, locate the Total column, click on the chevron (arrow pointing down to the right of the name), and click on Edit Column Information. 
  2. From the Select Columns section, select Include All Grade Columns or Selected Columns and Categories. If you chose Selected Columns and Categories, make sure columns and categories are moved from the left side to the right side by clicking on the arrows pointing to the right.
    Blackboard Grace Center - Total Column Setup
  3. Calculate as Running Total should be selected as Yes to include only graded items. 
  4. From the Options section, make the corresponding selection for Include this column in the Grade Center calculations, Show this column to students, and Show Statistics. 
  5. Click the Submit button 

Create a Total Column

The Total column can be created from scratch. 

  1. From the Grade Center page, hover over the Create Calculated Column dropdown menu and click on the Total column option. 
  2. In the Column Information section, enter a Column Name, Description, Primary Display, and Secondary Display (optional). 
  3. In the Select Columns section, follow step 2 above.

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