Much of the work of the EdTech Leadership Council happens in subcommittees. Subcommittee members are not limited to ETLC members. Our current subcommittee projects are:

Social Networking Policies Initiative: As social networking sites and technologies are gaining popularity on our campus, we are recognizing the need for guidelines and policies to help our community make the best use of these new technologies. This group is charged with researching the policies and guidelines adopted at other universities, and determining what would be most useful here, at Hostos.

Asynchronous Guidelines: All hybrid courses must contain some elements and content determined by the EdTech Leadership Council (ETLC). Before a face2face course can be offered as hybrid, the course should be submitted to ETLC for approval. Two committee members use a checklist based on the hybrid guidelines, to approve the course. We do not yet have guidelines for a fully online (asynchronous) course. The ETLC subcommittee working on this project is charged with developing these guidelines.

Hybrid Outreach: 1) All courses offered at Hostos should have an online component, and 2) the development of more hybrid courses is a priority on campus. This group is charged with outreach to faculty on campus.

Research and Development: New technologies are developed and launched so quickly. It is impossible to keep up with everything. This is the bleeding-edge group. They look at the all new Educational Technologies developed and post to the ETLC Innovation Blog. They’ll filter it all, think about it all, and then tell you the highlights.

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