The Educational Technology Leadership Council (ETLC) is the new name for what was formerly called the Academic Computing Committee. This name change was brought about so as to more clearly reflect the functions and purposes of the committee as the role of technology has changed dramatically since the founding of the committee. This committee was established in the fall of 1994 and directed to serve as an advisory body to the Vice President of Academic Affairs in matters that relate to educational technology. The membership consists of one faculty representative from each of the academic departments, the library, and the counseling unit. In addition, staff of EdTech participate in an advisory capacity. The EdTech Leadership Council is co-chaired by the Director and the Faculty Liaison to the Office of Educational Technology, and serves as an effective vehicle to maintain an active and vital avenue of communication between the faculty and the Office of Academic Affairs concerning issues within its purview.

If you are interested in joining ETLC or a subcommittee of ETLC, please email Prof. Disanto, or Mr. Carlos Guevara There are a number of ways to be involved.

If you are a faculty member interested in integrating technology into your course (or developing a hybrid or asynchronous course), please contact the EdTech Office. They would be happy to assist you.

If you are wondering who’s on the ETLC, the current Membership is:

Current Membership

Prof. Jacki Disanto
Mr. Carlos Guevara
Allied Health
Prof. Rayola Chelladurai

Prof. Ronette Shaw

Prof. Sanjay Arya

Behavioral and Social Sciences
Prof. Amy Ramson

Prof. Eugena Griffin

Prof. Joseph Kwame Gyan
Prof. Krystyna Michael
Prof. Asrat Amnie
Prof. Juno Morrow
Language & Cognition
Prof. Karin Lundberg
Prof. Catherine Lyons

Prof. Elisabeth Tappeiner

Prof. Edme Soho
Natural Sciences
Prof. Damaris-Lois Lang
Mr. Wilfredo Rodriguez

Mr. Iber Poma

Mr. Eric Ritholz

Former ETLC members:

Prof. Patricia Frenz-Belkin
Prof. Carl Grindley
Prof. Flor Henderson
Prof. Petal Leu Wai See
Prof. Catherine Lewis Cannon
Prof. Mary Manning
Prof. Victoria Muñoz
Prof. Vladimir Ovtcharenko
Prof. Norma Peña De Llorenz
Prof. Loreto Porte
Prof. Tanvir Prince
Prof. Mildred Rabry
Prof. Anne Rounds
Prof. Debasish Roy
Mr. Fabian Wander

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