Evaluating a webpage for content

Many pages may seem reliable at first, but as you evaluate them you may find that they are less than credible sources. By looking for clues on different parts of a webpage, you can decide whether it is reliable. As you practice this skill, you will be able to evaluate web pages more quickly and accurately.

Whenever you evaluate a website, ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Who wrote the article?
  • Are claims backed up with reliable sources?
  • Does the website show bias?
  • If they cite a scientific study, does the study sound credible?

Let us practice!!!

Search and open a website. Look for clues and answer the above key questions.

Remember, just because a website looks scientific or historical does not mean it is credible. Unless the information can be verified, it is possible that it is all made up, so take your time whenever you evaluate online information.


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