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  • Video Usage

    Videos usage in higher education have proven to be very helpful in some cases to help students comprehend the content in a better way. Many students are visual learner and a video will suit them well and it is a fact that not all students learn at the same pace. Therefore, videos allow students to rewatch it as many times as needed until the concept is clear for them.

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  • Digital Media Literacy Introduction

    Acquiring digital literacy education means the ability to access various information sources, the practical capacity to use digital tools for information source management, and the ability to share different media, as well as the ability to efficiently present and communicate using the proper processes and tools.

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  • Email Accessibility Introduction

    For lest than 10-min a day, you will become a superb accessible email writer. You will be identifying and applying email accessibility standards, examining email accessibility guidelines, and using the email accessibility checker.

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  • Sending Announcements in Bb

    Log in to Blackboard Select the course you want to send announcement from the My Courses module (top-left) Make sure the Edit Mode is On (top-right) In the course menu (left panel) or from the Control Panel under Course Tools click the Announcements link Click Create Announcement button from the Announcement page (top-left) Complete the Announcement Information field (provide subject

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  • Merging Course Sections

    Login to Blackboard In the Blackboard Home page, you will find the Section Merge Tool module, click the Click Here To Create and Manage Merged Courses link To create a new set of merged courses, click on the Setup New Merged Course link (top-left) In the Select Courses To Merge page, select all source courses. Source courses will be merged

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  • Making a Course Copy

    Login to Blackboard Select your course from the My Courses module (top-left) Make sure Edit Mode is On (top-right) On the Control Panel, expand the Packages and Utilities section and select Course Copy Select the appropriate option: Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course In the Destination Course ID field, click Browse to select the destination course. Select all the content you want to copy to from the course you are to the course

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  • Uploading your Syllabus

    The syllabus provides students with important information about course requirements, the book(s) that will be used, grading criteria, assignments an more. Login into Blackboard Select the course you want to upload your syllabus to from the My Courses module (top-left) Make sure the Edit Mode is On (top-right) Click on the name of the Content Area in which you wish

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  • Making Courses Available to Students

    After logging in to Blackboard, select the course you want to make available from the My Courses module (located in the top-left hand corner) by clicking on its name. There are two ways to make courses available in Blackboard. Clicking on the lock icon located at the top-right hand side. From the Control Panel, click on the Customization link to

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