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  • Maximizing Adobe Professional for Faculty Portfolios

    By Ana Marjanovic, Instructional Designer & LMS Admin, EdTech Have you ever felt overwhelmed while trying to compile numerous documents in various formats, scattered on your hard drive into a single file? It almost feels like a cluttered desk where you can't find the pen you just put down a moment ago. And let's not even talk about the painstaking

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  • Interactive Tools to Engage Students with Content

    By Wilfredo Rodriguez, EdTech Coordinator Introduction Student Engagement has been the subject of many discussions in higher education in recent years because most students appear disconnected from learning, regardless of whether the class is face-to-face, hybrid, or asynchronous. Despite faculty efforts to increase engagement, students do not respond, they arrive unprepared, and instructors are frustrated. As a result, poor grades,

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  • Learning Circles

    By Eric Ritholz, Online Learning Coordinator Office of Educational TechnologyOnline student engagement is essential to motivation and progress.  Cooperative Learning strategies can help achieve this through the use of group activity styles, assigning roles for individual tasks in a group activity, and assessment focused both on the group activity and individual contribution.  This can be taken a step further by

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  • Video Usage

    Videos usage in higher education have proven to be very helpful in some cases to help students comprehend the content in a better way. Many students are visual learner and a video will suit them well and it is a fact that not all students learn at the same pace. Therefore, videos allow students to rewatch it as many times as needed until the concept is clear for them.

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  • Digital Media Literacy Introduction

    Acquiring digital literacy education means the ability to access various information sources, the practical capacity to use digital tools for information source management, and the ability to share different media, as well as the ability to efficiently present and communicate using the proper processes and tools.

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  • Email Accessibility Introduction

    For lest than 10-min a day, you will become a superb accessible email writer. You will be identifying and applying email accessibility standards, examining email accessibility guidelines, and using the email accessibility checker.

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