Student Log-in Instructions


  1. To get to Blackboard you must have your CUNYfirst ID and password.  From the Hostos Community College home page, click on ‘Login To’ > ‘Blackboard’.
  2. The CUNYfirst login will appear:CUNYfirst login for Blackboard
  3. CUNY Login ID: This password expires every three months.   Besides CUNYfirst, The CUNY Login ID and password are also used to access Blackboard.  When you click on any link to Blackboard, it will take you to the Blackboard login page.  Type in your CUNYfirst username followed by, then your CUNYfirst password in the password field. For example, if CUNYfirst username is john.smith22, the username you enter to log in to Blackboard must be  The username field is already populated with the part, as shown above.
Sending Email From Your Course

Video Tutorial

Submitting an Assignment
  • Go to the Blackboard course site and select the area in which your instructor posted the assignment (e.g., Class Sessions, Course Information, Course Materials, Assignments, etc.).
  • Click on the link to submit your assignment.

Video Tutorial

Taking a Test Online

Video Tutorial

Checking Your Grades

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Working in Groups

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How to use Discussion Board

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Student Technology Trainings

Student Technology Trainings is self-paced fully online training. There are two courses within the Trainings:

  • ePortfolios Online Learning
  • Microsoft Office Online Learning

Each offers information, videos, and quizzes that need to be completed to see additional topics. After each section is completed a course certificate is released.

To enroll in the course:

This course uses self-enrollment.

Click on this link: Enroll in the Student Technology Trainings course, then follow directions.


In your Blackboard Home Page Click on the link in the module that has the following image:

Student Technology Trainings - Microsoft Office and ePortfolio Trainings


If you have any questions about the online course, email us at

The Student Technology Help Desk is available to you for help with anything to do with using Microsoft Office.  It is located in Room C595.

Click here for info about the Help Desk: Student Technology Help Desk.

Tutorials from the Microsoft Website:
Click on the logo to watch the tutorial you want to learn

Microsoft Tutorials:

Click on logo to access Microsoft tutorials

Word for Windows

Microsoft Powerpoint

Powerpoint for Windows

Microsoft Excel

Excel for Windows



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