Quick guide to adding feedback to Blackboard Rubrics

Cooperative Learning: More than a Rubric

Preloading resources for a rubric to help students navigate to what is needed

  • Prepare resources and extra materials to address all levels of support
  • Optional: Include Rubric Codes to aid in navigation (This is often recommended to assist students with accessibility needs)
  • Apply resources and extra materials to specific rubric boxes to provide level-specific support to each student


  • Compile resources you’ve provided students before
    • URL’s
    • Direct Links to resources in the course
    • PDF’s
    • Use rubric codes to help organize customized content for each box in the rubric
      • expect and intend overlapping
  • Go through each box in a rubric and note the relevant resources from:
    • Syllabus
    • Within the Blackboard Course
    • Hostos and CUNY resources
    • External resources


  • Use a Rubric Creation Tool: Roadmap-Taking it further-chapter 2
  • Students should be able to see their grades after the assessment deadline has passed and follow links accordingly
  • Schedule class time for students to normalize navigating to the right sections
  • Optional: Establish a discussion board section to get feedback and identify needed revisions later



  • In many cases, the links and resources you provide will overlap several boxes
  • Choose references that are as specific to the learning as possible

Reference Sites to get started





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