Instructors enter, review, approve and submit grades on the Grade Roster component.

Grade Rosters are generated by the designated campus unit (typically The Office of the Registrar) and made available to faculty members in their Faculty Center.

In addition to entering grades directly into CUNYfirst, faculty may download an excel file on which to enter grades.

1. Enter in your browser’s address bar:

  • Enter your Username and Password and click the Log In button.
  • From the Enterprise Menu, select the Faculty Center link

2. Navigate to: My Schedule.

The My Teaching Schedule displays for the current term in a table format.

3. To view the grade roster, click the Grade Roster icon to the left of the Class (course catalog code, section number and class number).

4. The Grade Roster page displays for the selected class.  Scroll down the Grade Roster page to the Import Grades from External File section.  Click the download excel file button.

5. A Read-Only Excel spreadsheet downloads to your computer.

6. In the Grade column enter the Grade for that student.

Note:  To successfully upload the spreadsheet without error messages:

  • Do not change any other fields on the spreadsheet.
  • The grade entered for the student must be applicable to the grading basis on which the student took the class
  • The grade entered must be the same format as on the Roster Grade dropdown menu.
  • Enter a grade for every student on the spreadsheet.

7. When all grades are entered, then on the Excel File menu, select Save As.

8. Overwrite the displayed File name with one of your own choosing such as CU_E1073_FILES1.

9. From the Save as type dropdown, select CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv).

10. Click the Save button.

11. This message will display.  Click the Yes button.

12. Click the upload csv file button to upload the .csv file into CUNYfirst.  When the upload is complete, the Uploaded! message displays.

13. Click the add grades to roster button.  When the upload is complete, the Added! message displays.

14. Verify that all of the grades are displayed correctly.

Note:  It is recommended to manually add or correct grades using the Roster Grade dropdown menu for that student.  Alternatively, select the  review results icon that displays error messages.  Download the excel spreadsheet again to resolve the error messages and upload the spreadsheet again until every student has the correct grade displayed in the Grade column.

End of Procedure.


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