EdTech is bringing 30-minute live sessions to Facebook!

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Join us for these short sessions covering topics in course design and Blackboard tips. Whether you are exploring more ways to engage students, or preparing for your next online course, you can Facebook chat with us during these sessions and ask your most pressing questions.

To register, go to Workshops in Faculty Resources  or click on this link: Faculty Workshop Calendar


Hostos Blackboard Course Template Benefits
Hostos Blackboard Course Template is based on a structure that has won Exemplary course awards and is popular with students. It is designed to save time on administrative tasks while improving student access. We will explore its most productive features and how to preserve them when you course-copy.
February 10 at 12 Noon

Active Learning, Student Faculty Sync Up
The learning process goes both ways for the student as well as the professor. This session will look into multiple techniques/tools for faculty to engage with students in tackling the course material together.
February 20 at 12 pmedtech live newspost

Inclusion and Accessibility: Education and Technology for All
Don’t leave any of your students behind! Accessibility is the pinnacle of course design that promotes inclusion. Learn how to make your course accessible and compliant with a few clicks and a few tweaks.
February 28 at 2:30 pm

Safeguard Online
With today’s tools, cheating online is easier to prevent than ever before. This session will provide information on software available in Blackboard and emerging technologies to identify and prevent online cheating.
March 6 at 2 pm

Work Backwards! Flip your Course Design
Backwards design is a framework for instructional design that turns the traditional planning process on its head. Explained in detail in their book, Understanding by Design (UbD), Wiggins and McTighe advocate beginning the process with designing assessments, and argue this is the most effective way to help students understand and not simply store knowledge. We’ll discuss how to apply their principles in online course design.
March 11 at 6 pm

Showcasing Student Achievements through  ePortfolios
Guide students on a journey establishing a professional online presence through an ePortfolio with Instructor curated samples of their best work. Propel them beyond the resume and cover letter!
March 13 at 11 am

Try, try again
Why is it that sometimes, even though you have found the right exercise to illustrate a point in your lessons, it doesn’t hit the mark and result in that moment of discovery from a student that you are looking for? In some cases a single exposure to an exercise may not be enough. Luckily, we have a lot of tools at our disposal that allow us to revisit the same concepts in different ways.
March 19 at 11 am




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