by David Dos Santos

(This article specifically addresses the situation of enrolling a student in a Blackboard course section who has registered late and does not appear in the course roster when the semester begins. Enrolling course observers in the Blackboard course will be covered in another article.)

Generally speaking, you should not have to add students who are enrolled in your course to its Blackboard section. As long as the student has registered on time, they should be enrolled in your Blackboard course on Day 1. If the student has registered late, or has been re-registered into the class, there will be a 48-72 hour delay from when the student is officially enrolled into the course in CUNYfirst and when they will be enrolled into your Blackboard course. In this case, you the instructor have the discretion to manually add them into your Blackboard course early. As the officially registered faculty member of the course, you should be the only one adding students early or add/removing course observers. Due to legal mandates, Educational Technology staff can only add/remove users from your course with explicit written permission from the instructor. It is therefore more efficient and safer for the instructor to manage the course membership by themselves.

In this scenario, we are adding a student manually to our course who has registered late instead of waiting for CUNYfirst to sync with Blackboard. Please note that this does not officially add the student to your student roster in CUNYfirst.


  1. Click Users & Groups in the lower left corner of the course’s Course Management area.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Go to Enroll User and type the eight digit numerical student ID of the student.
    1. This eight digit student ID can be found on the physical ID card of the student.
  4. Leave the Role pull-down list set to Student.
  5. Leave Enrollment Availability set to Yes.
  6. Click Submit.

There is no way to “delete” a user from your course. You can only set the course to be “not available” to an individual user. More likely you may to need to change the availaability setting for a student from unavailable to available. This situation usually happens if you mark a student absent in the Attendance Verification Form at the beginning of the semester and then after submission of the form need to reverse the student’s status to Attending. Before the attendance correction the student will be withdrawn form the course and blocked from accessing the Blackboard section. After the correction the student will be restored to the section roster, but the Blackboard section will still be unavailable to him/her. To make the course available to the student:

  1. Click on Users and Groups.
  2. Select Users.
  3. Locate the user whose availability you wish to change, hover over the username and click on the chevron (down arrow) that appears.
  4. Click on Change User’s Availability in Course to change the user’s availability. Choose Yes to make the course available.
  5. Click

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