Attendance Column

Note: Before incorporating this new Blackboard feature into your course practices and grading, please review the Hostos Attendance Policy on the Hostos Community College website by clicking on the following link:

Hostos Attendance Policy

Also consult your department policies as stated in department course syllabi.

With the Blackboard attendance tool instructors can  mark whether a student is present, late, absent, or excused for each class meeting. The attendance records for each student appear in a single column next to other grades. On the Attendance page, profile pictures appear so instructors can easily identify students. Instructors can use attendance as part of calculating grades in the Grade Center.

click on Attendance in Course Tools

1.In the Control Panel, go to Course Tools > Attendance.










Attendance Column

2. Instructors mark students Present, Late, or Absent by clicking next to the students in the appropriate column. The arrow points to the Settings button.








Settings window

3. In Settings instructors can determine the grading schema for attendance.


attendance overall view

4. By clicking the Overall button in the top right you can view current and previous attendance markings.


changing attendance in attendance overall

5. In Overall view you can click on any mark and change it, allowing for corrections and updates.



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