Digital Storytelling works as an effective strategy for learning in the arts, sciences, humanities and social sciences. It adds a level of reflection that asks students to become aware of what they have learned, what they know, and what they think they know. Through effective digital storytelling projects, students may challenge and question fundamental assumptions of material being taught.

The educational objectives of Digital Storytelling includes:

•Appeal to the diverse learning styles of students by using Digital Storytelling as a presentation media;

•Generate interest, attention and motivation for the “digital generation” kids in our classrooms;

•Capitalize on the creative talents of your own students as they begin to research and tell stories of their own;

•Publish student work on the Internet for viewing and critiquing by others;

•Promote the accomplishment of cross-curricular academic standards and learning objectives.

Through the creation of digital media students gain an empathic learning experience that leads them to care about the product being produced. Through this process they gain a better understanding of content knowledge because they have to learn how to communicate that content through additional means other than the traditional educational communication model of words. Meaningful thought goes into not only what the content will be, but how will it be represented. Students learn how to explore an idea based on content instead of being taught content alone.

Digital Storytelling also helps to raise digital literacy among both students and instructors. Many classes whether synchronous or asynchronous utilize some form of digital media to help facilitate classes. Whether through videos, online interactive multimedia, or text based online media, it is important for students and instructors to have:

“The ability to locate, organize, understand, evaluate, create, and communicate information using digital technologies.”

If you are interested in learning how to utilize digital storytelling in your class, consider taking the Digital Storytelling professional development workshop track this fall.

In this workshop series, instructors will learn the power of storytelling, how it better prepares users with a professional skill set, and helps to conceptualize abstract topics.

Additionally this track will have a hands- on component where you will create digital stories with easy to use tools in both a desktop and mobile environment, and finally this workshop will help participants brainstorm and develop a digital story project for your course.


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