For years EdTech has provided support for faculty who use video recording of their lessons, specifically what is known as “lecture capture”, in their teaching.  Two platforms have been used for this: Tegrity and Camtasia, each with its advantages and disadvantages.  This year a new, powerful, easy-to-use and easily accessible video and lecture capture application arrived at Hostos that is available for unlimited use by all faculty.  Called Panopto, it brings many features that give it advantages over the previously mentioned applications, going far beyond a mere lecture capture application to being a video production  and editing tool, a media file manager and library, and  collaborative teaching/learning site.

Easy to use.
If you’re familiar with Tegrity, Panopto works in much the same way.  Just click the Record button to start recording.  When you’re done it quickly processes and uploads the recording to the Panopto course folder.  It’s then available for viewing.

Panopto logo

Panopto resides in Blackboard.
Hostos has purchased the Panopto building block, which means it functions like a plugin that you access through Blackboard.  There are many advantages to this.  For one, Panopto has the same availability to faculty and students as Blackboard itself. Once you sign-on to Blackboard you also have access to Panopto.  Secondly, there’s no need to use an outside application like YouTube and link or embed the resulting videos.  Viewers in the course just need to go to the Panopto Tool link in the course to see the course recordings.  Also by posting using the Panopto server and viewed in Blackboard, the privacy issue is avoided.

Recordings can be easily shared among courses and users.
Recordings can be shared across courses and permissions given to allow access to users of all different categories, students, instructors, guests, etc.

Panopto Recorder is accessible inside and outside of Blackboard across platforms and through different devices.
Although Panopto resides in Blackboard, it can be accessed both inside and outside Blackboard and through Android and Apple mobile devices.

Live Instant Webcasting.
Turn any presentation, event, or meeting into a live web event simply by clicking “Webcast” in Panopto’s software.

Video File Management and Library Search.
Panopto automatically indexes key information about your videos and makes them easy to find.   And Panopto’s search engine lets you search inside videos for words shown on slides or mentioned by presenters.

Video Analytics.
You can monitor the activity and size of your video library, reporting number of users, folders, sessions, views, data servers, and get reports on viewing statistics within video collections and analyze the effectiveness of individual recordings.

Web-based editing.
Panopto’s video editor is accessed through any web browser, allowing you to make changes to your videos from anywhere.  Capabilities include trimming and clipping, splicing additional content, embedding quizzes and surveys, synchroning videos and slides, and captioning.

Video Upload.
A broad range of file formats can be uploaded into Panopto’s video library using drag-and-drop.  THis allows Panopto to be used as a media server and rich media file storage manager.

Students can create recordings with permissions.
By setting permissions  instructors can allow students to record to sharable folders.  Invitations to view videos can be sent out through email and videos embedded in websites and social media, and posted directly to YouTube.  Videos can also be downloaded to MP4 format.  What all this means is that Panopto can be used as a video production application to create recordings to be used outside of Blackboard.

You can learn more about Panopto by visiting the Panopto website:

Hostos EdTech has a site dedicated to information and support on Panopto at Hostos:

And please stop by or contact the EdTech office if you are interested in bringing Panopto into your pedagogy.


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