Faculty have been using iPads in the classroom for the last three semesters. Only after they have gone through a pilot initiative in which Faculty from almost all departments had the opportunity to explore and select apps that will potentially help them integrate iPads into their curricula. Some faculty have used them in every class, others have used them sparingly.

Only faculty who have participated in the exploration of apps phase for one semester are eligible to request and reserve one of the two iPad carts available through the Resource Reservation System. These devices are not intended to replace the computers on wheels (COWs), because apps can only be installed by staff previously and by specific request.

Many apps are free; however through funding from Tech Fee, we were able to buy some apps. One of them is Nearpod, a licensed app to present and produce interactive content for students. It engages students by pushing content wirelessly to any device. Best of all, Faculty is able to control what content students see on their devices. Furthermore, Faculty can instantly assess student understanding of the topics presented. Other apps that were explored and used are: 3D Brain, iStopMotion, Animation Creator HD and Visual Anatomy among others.

In the three semesters, iPad Carts have been used in 17 courses, all from different disciplines, at the end of every semester a survey was given to students to gather useful and relevant information about the usefulness of iPads in the Classroom.

Here are our findings:

For which tasks did you mainly use the iPads in this class? Check all that apply:


We searched the web for references or sources 45 35.16%
 We used apps designed for this course  52  40.63%
 We read articles, publications, fragments of books, etc.  32  25.00%
 We watched videos with content relevant to this course  17  13.28%
 We used interactive features: camera, maicrophone, etc.  8  6.25%
 We took notes using the iPads  34  26.56%
 We checked our emails   16  2.50%
 We logged onto Blackboard or CUNYFirst  94  73.44%
 Other  3  10.16%

We can say that the majority of students have used iPads to either access Bb or CUNYfirst


 Which of the following devices do you own (select all that apply)?

iPad 60  46.88%
Other tablet (Galaxy, Kindle Fire, etc.) 36 28.13%
Laptop 91 71.09%
Smartphone 94 73.44%
Regular Cellphone  8  6.25%
e-book reader (Kindle, Nook)  11  8.59%

Over 70% of students owns a Smartphone and or Laptop.

Overall, how easy is the iPad to uae?

Very Easy  71%
Somewhat Easy  16% 
Not Sure  5%
Rather Difficult 3%
Very Difficult 1%

Faculty using iPads in the Classroom have said:

“The class assignments and homework assignments came out far better than any semester in the five years I’ve been teaching this class at Hostos. Students’ use of framing, lighting and animating is far better”

“The students find the exercises and the use of the iPads helpful because they have a clearer understanding of the assignment. They are more open to the critique and constructive criticism of their peers, and they have an opportunity to work on the assignment individually before sharing with their team member”

“The combination of 3-D visualization, which permits students to manipulate anatomical structures, along with the ease with which students can access information to facilitate identifying bone and muscle structures, appears to make mobile technology more efficient as a pedagogical tool than the traditional use of a lab manual to understand anatomical models”


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