by Iber Poma

Tegrity is a fully automated lecture capture solution used in traditional, hybrid, ‘flipped classes” and online courses to record lessons, lectures, and skills. Its whole range of features and robustness makes study time easier and allows content access to every Hostos student almost immediately. It is an easy to use solution, whenever you want to share your lecture materials with your students.

Edtech is conducting a Tegrity pilot and exploring the new and improve Tegrity/LMS (Learning Management System) solution using the Blackboard environment we currently use. This means that integration will bring seamless production and delivery of any content you may want to share will be accessible to your students in a familiar environment. Students will have the chance to review course materials as many times they will like to. Recorded course materials are accessed by just clicking a link and are available only to registered students.

In the meantime, while we are exploring the new way of using Tegrity. You can use Tegrity now. You just need a laptop with the software installed and a microphone. To make it more interactive you may want to use a Smart Classroom. C593A has the software and is ready for you to record a session using Tegrity at this time.

Whether you are inside the classroom or out, Tegrity Recorder makes recording your lectures or supplementary course content easy. Click a button to start recording, click again to pause or stop, and Tegrity takes care of the rest. Recordings are automatically uploaded to a Tegrity Server and you can access the content by clicking on a hyperlink.

Step by step instructions to record a Tegrity session:

Step 1: To start PowerPoint, go to the Start menu   button    and select Programs –                                              >Microsoft Office ->Power Point.

Step 2:  Once PowerPoint is open Click on the Tegrity icon
on the status bar

Step 3: Select the folder from the drop-down list

Step 4: Create a title for your recording. Note: Do not leave the date and time as the title. You will not be able to distinguish one recording from another if this is not changed.

Step 5: Check the audio ‘’SETTINGS’’. You can tell if the microphone is working if the green line is moving in the window. If not, click on ‘’SETTINGS’’ and click on the down arrow next to default audio source and select your microphone. Then click on SAVE and CLOSE BUTTON.

Step 6: Click on ‘’RECORD A CLASS’’. Another dialog box will appear that informs you when you click that, the recording will start. The screen will go black for a few seconds. When the screen reappears, you are now recording your class session and a tool bar will appear in the status bar section of your screen.


Step 7: When you are finished recording, push the STOP BUTTON. A dialog box will appear asking if you wish to perform various functions. There are 3 options UPLOAD, PREVIEW, and, DELETE choose accordingly click on ‘’YES’’ to upload you will see a window that says the recording will be uploaded later click on OK.

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